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Ernst Meyer

Ernst Meyer

1887 – 1930




October 1921: Hands off Russia!

January 1922: The Fight for a Mass Party in Germany

February 1922: The End of the K.A.G.

February 1922: German Politics and the Railway Strike

February 1922: The Tasks Before the Special Session of the Executive Committee

March 1922: In the Camp of Our Enemies – The Frankfort Conference

March 1922: Danzig

March 1922: Relief for Russia – The “Humanitarian” Capitalists

May 1922: The National Council of the German Communist Party on the United Front

May 1922: The German Majority Socialists and the Right of Political Asylum

July 1922: Germany on a Smouldering Volcano

August 1922: The German Crisis

October 1922: The Tasks of the Fourth World Congress

December 1922: Discussion on the Report of the Executive

January 1923: To the Memory of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht

August 1923: The Situation in Germany

October 1923: The Marshalling of the Working Class of Germany Against the Counter-Revolution


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