Manifesto of the Workers' Group of the Russian Communist Party

First Published: February 1923.
Source: International Review, no. 142-145, August 2010 - May 2011.
Online Version: Marxist Internet Archive 2017
HTML Markup: Zdravko Saveski


To the communist comrades of every country!
By way of a preface
1. The character of the proletariat's class struggle
2. Dialectic of the class struggle
3. Sauls and Pauls in the Russian revolution
4. The principal tasks for today
5. The socialist united front
6. Regarding the theses of the Executive of the Communist International
7. The question of the united front in countries where the proletariat has power (workers' democracy)
8. The national question
9. The NEP (New Economic Policy)
10. The NEP and the countryside
11. New economic and political policy put simply
The New Economic Policy and the management of industry
A few words on two groups
The party