William Morris

How I Became a Socialist - Introduction

How I Became a Socialist was first published in Justice, June 16th, 1894.

"In his last years Morris modified his long-held anti-Parliamentarian position, agreeing that the time had now come for the formation of a Socialist Party. He did not rejoin the Socialist Democratic Federation (S.D.F.) but ended his breach with Hyndman to the extent of writing several articles for the S.D.F. journal, Justice. In this one he looks back over his life and sums up his development." — A. L. Morton.

How I Became a Socialist was reprinted in William Morris: selected Writings, ed. G. D. H. Cole, 655-59 and Political Writings of William Morris, ed. A. L. Morton, 240-245.

Translated to German as Wie ich Sozialist wurde in Deutsche Worte, XVII Jg, 1897, S. 445-451.

How I Became a Socialist was transcribed from the Political Writings of William Morris by Chris Croome for the William Morris Internet Archive, a subarchive of the Marxists Internet Archive, in November 1997.