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1873 – 1941

Christian Rakovsky

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All works copied from Christian Rakovsky, Selected Writings on Opposition in the USSR, 1923–1930 are provided by permission from the editor, Gus Fagan.


Gus Fagan: Biographical Introduction to Christian Rakovsky

The Eastern Question and the International Socialist Party (Part I) – 1897

The Eastern Question and the International Socialist Party (Part II) – 1897

Socialism and the Working Class – 1905

The Origins of the Potemkin Mutiny – 1908

The Turkish Revolution – 1908

The Eastern European Question and the Great Powers – 1908

Towards a Balkan Entente – 1908

Constitutional Turkey – 1908

Between Two Thieves – Russia and Austria in Serbia – 1909

Revolution and Counter Revolution in Turkey – 1909

Bulletin Of The Social-Democratic Workers Federation Of The Balkans. No.1 1915 – 1915

Second Day of the Balkan Workers Conference – 1915

On Conditions of Admission to the International – 1920

The Communist Movement in Roumania – 1920

The Soul of Victory – 1920

On the Italian Question – 1921 at the 3rd World Congress of the Comintern. Translated by John Riddell.

An Old Comrade’s Memories – 1924

Autobiography – 1926

The Foreign Policy of Soviet Russia (extracts) – July 1926 PDF Version here

Speech to the Fifteenth Party Congress – Dec. 1927

Statement on Expulsion from the Party – Dec. 1927

The “Professional Dangers” of Power – Aug. 1928
Alternative translation: Power and the Russian Workers

The Russian Opposition Replies to the Capitulators – 1929

The Policy of the Leadership and the Party Regime – 1929

On the Five Year Plan – 1930

The Russian Bolshevik-Leninists on the Present Situations (with V. Kossior & N. Muralov) – Apr. 1930

The Five Year Plan in Crisis – Aug. 1930


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