Montoneros 1970

Communiqué No. 5

Source: Montoneros, Documentos internos, resoluciones, comunicados y partes de Guerra. Cuadernos de la memoria.;
Translated: for by Mitchell Abidor;
CopyLeft: Creative Commons (Attribute & ShareAlike) 2008.

June 15, 1970


Before the distress and the maneuvers of the repressive services of the government the MONTONEROS declare:


1: Our organization is a union of profoundly Argentinean and Peronist men and women ready to fight weapon in hand for the taking of power by Peron and his people and the construction of a free, just, and sovereign Argentina.

2: Our doctrine is the Justicialist doctrine, of Christian and national inspiration

3: The only foreigners in our country are the interests of foreign capital tied to the regime and the national sellout mentality of the rulers of the day.


1: Pedro Eugenio Aramburu was executed Monday June 1 at 7:00, as declared in our Communiqué no. 4. We denounce as maneuvers trying to create confusion the various versions concerning his fate, both those that come from our country and those from elsewhere.

2: As definitive proof of the veracity of the communiqués we are giving notification that the effects on Aramburu were deposited in a place that will facilitate their return to his family. Said effects are: 1 medal-keychain with the inscription on the reverse: “The 5th Infantry Regiment to Gen Pedro Eugenio Aramburu – May 6, 1955” and on the other side the number 5 in gold on a silver background; there are five keys on the keychain. A Girard-Perregaux Gyromatyc watch; two Parker opens with green bodies and silver caps, one of them with the inscription “JD- John Deere.”

3: The body of Pedro Eugenio Aramburu will only be returned after the remains of our beloved Compañera Eva Peron have been restored to the people.

4: None of the prisoners up till this moment has had any relations with the Montoneros, nor did they ever have any.

THE MONTONEROS CALL ON THE ARGENTINEAN PEOPLE TO UNITE WITH THE ARMED RESISTANCE AGAINST THE REGIME, not being won over by the possibility of elections in which it is certain that the people will have to chose among various representatives of the oligarchy and its allies of the moment. The detention and execution of Pedro Eugenio Aramburu has provoked an internal crisis in the regime and hastened the divisions among the sectors and forcing them to confront each other.

The weakness of the repressive system has also been demonstrated which, in the two weeks that have followed these events, has come up empty-handed. All of which clearly shows the sole path that allows us to effectively strike at the system. THE MONTONEROS CALL ON THE PEOPLE TO CONTINUE WITH THE ARMED RESISTANCE AGAINST THE CURRENT GOVERNMENT, WHICH IS NO MORE THAN THE CONTINUATION OF THE PREVIOUS ONE and to not allow ourselves to be won over by the false words spoken about the “re-encounter of the Argentineans.”