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Unity Act of the FAR and the Montoneros

Source: Monotoneros, Documentos internos, resoluciones, comunicados y actas de guerra. Cuadernos de la memoria,;
Translated: for by Mitchell Abidor;
CopyLeft: Creative Commons (Attribute & ShareAlike) 2008.

October 12, 1973


That on this date a crucial objective in the history of our movement has been fulfilled with General Peron’s recovery of power, attaiend after 18 years of bloody struggle;

That this objective is reached by the Movement at a time of sharp deterioration in our economy, with mass unemployment and the deepening of the conditions causing our dependency;

That the political moment is characterized by a mounting offensive by Yankee imperialism, trying to stifle our liberation process in order to perpetuate the domination and exploitation of our people; an offensive which, with the savage repression of our brother Chilean people, again shows the imperialists’ determination to use whatever means are necessary in defense of their interests;

That the imperialist enemy is not only beyond our borders but expresses itself through the internal economic, political, and military forces of our country, who have an interest in the weakening of the popular forces and in the destruction of the Peronist movement in particular.

That within our own movement there are certain leading forces that are acting in close alliance with the imperialist and oligarchic forces of the anti-Fatherland.

And considering:

That our organizations are the product of the development and deepening of the struggles of the Movement, and the growth and maturation of the consciousness of the working class and the Peronist people, which has led us to adopt new forms of organization and struggle in order to confront imperialism and the oligarchy;

That under the rigors of the military dictatorship the Peronist Movement sees itself forced to have recourse to all possible forms of struggle: armed actions, insurrectionary explosions, strikes and movements and the electoral struggle;

That in each of these expressions of the aspirations of a people for its dignity, rights, and demands our organizations were present, allied in the front lines of combat, as is attested to by all of our imprisoned, tortured, and dead companeros;

That we not only contribute with our arms and our lives to popular victory, but we also actively work for the construction of the popular forces, for the doctrinal , political, and organizational consolidation and development of the working class and the Peronist people;

That with the accomplishment today of the greatest aspiration of 18 years of struggle, the Peronist movement has won one of its most heroic and difficult battles, initiating a new battle in the long war of liberation, as difficult and complex as the previous one; and that in order to continue with this process General Peron has called for the unity of the movement as concerns its leadership in order, by all possible means, to reach the objectives of the unity, reconstruction, and liberation of the Argentinean people;

That in order for this unity to become a reality, General Peron has called for the reorganization and institutionalization of the movement, which means giving it democratic and representative structures representative of the laboring classes and the Peronist people, purging it of traitors and opportunists;

That this unity of the Movement is the necessary axis for achieving the unity of the Argentinean people and a National Liberation Front capable of confronting imperialism in the phase that is beginning.

For all of this:


1. From this date both organizations will merge and will constitute only one organization, and all their structures and commands will be definitively unified;

2. The organization resulting from the merger will be called MONTONEROS, and the name FAR will disappear with the signing of the present act;

3. The unity of our organizations is oriented to contributing to the process of reorganization and democratization of the Peronist Movement which General Peron has called for on order to bring about the organic participation of the working class in its leadership, which is the sole guarantee that the unity of the Argentinean people in the National Liberation Front under the leadership of the Peronist movement will realize the objectives of national liberation and social justice and for the construction of national socialism and Latin American unity.

Free or dead, slaves never!
Peron or death! Long Live the fatherland!

Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias-Montoneros