Front de Libération du Québec 1964

Our National “Harkis”

Source: La Cognée No 4, Jan 1964;
Translated: for by Mitch Abidor;
CopyLeft: Creative Commons (Attribute & ShareAlike) 2005.

26 French language Canadians can be found in the headquarters of the RCMP, states La Presse, which seems to glorify this, publishing the complete list of the harkis [1] of America.

We can only thank the editors for so graciously furnishing the names of the henchmen of Ottawa. They thus save us a long and dangerous search.

We will not forget these names. For there are no worse enemies than the elements that issue from our people, than those who accept to sell their services to Anglo-Saxon imperialism. They deserve no pity, and we will strike them hard.

It would mean fooling the people to classify our executioners in the general category of oppressive forces. Their cowardice, their degradation, their blind servility deserves another fate, and demands an exemplary and definitive condemnation.

The colonialist forces work to maintain their powers and to preserve their privileges; they defend their interests. The police forces of Quebec obey the orders of a blind power, alienated by 200 years of colonization: having not attained revolutionary consciousness they are acting in good faith.

We must fight them, because they are our enemies. There will be loss of life, for we are making war. We deplore this just as we deplore the innocent victims of the revolution.

But know one thing messieurs: we will not hesitate. I guarantee you this. We will not hesitate to shoot down in cold blood any man who has reached such a point of degradation that he consciously betrays the will for liberation of an entire people. And we will not regret it at all, for we do it for love for our people, with honesty and revolutionary lucidity.

Paul Lemoyne

1. The name given to Algerians who fought for the French in the war of liberation.