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Pierre Vallières

Front de Libération
du Québec


Historical Introduction, by Mitch Abidor

Message of the FLQ to the Nation, April 16 1963
Our Position, June 1963
Declaration of Principles, September 1963
Is It Necessary to Become a Policeman?, 1963
Quebec Should Denounce Terror, 1964
Our National “Harkis”, 1964
The Revolution on the March, February 1964 - October 1965
The Canadian Communist Party and the Independence of Quebec, January 1965
Does the FLQ Exist?, October 1965
Strategic Retreat and Rearguard bases, March 1966
Defense of Québécois Political Prisoners, June 1968
For a Multinational Common Liberation Front, February 1970
FLQ Manifesto, June 1970
FLQ Manifesto, October 1970
Defense Speech of Paul Rose, March 1971
A Pimp Named Trudeau, Gérald Godin 1971
The Execution of Pierre Laporte, Pierre Vallières 1977

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