Front de Libération du Québec 1964-65

The Revolution on the March

Source: La Cognée;
Translated: for by Mitch Abidor;
CopyLeft: Creative Commons (Attribute & ShareAlike) 2004.

Issues of La Cognée included the section “La Révolution en marche,” which highlighted revolutionary actions carried out by the FLQ.

No. 5. February 1964

Montreal: An important arms requisition was carried out at the barracks of the Mount Royal Fusiliers, Avenue des Pins. This was the work of experts, the newspapers state. We don’t pretend to this. One thing is certain: this is only a beginning. Others will take place as part of our struggle for national liberation.

No 6, 2/29/64

Montreal: We denounce the mental retards who amuse themselves by posing bombs here and there. The national revolution is a political struggle that involves an entire people, and is not a dinner party. The authors of these jokes will learn to their expense that for our part, we aren’t joking.

No 13, 6/15/64

St Jacques de Windsor: 700 sticks of dynamite disappear from a construction site.

No 18 8/31/64

Montreal: Several boxes of arms disappear from the port. This time the CIB has succeeded in imposing discretion on collaborationist newspapers.

No 20, 9/30/64

Quebec: A statue of Wolfe was found with its throat cut on the Plains of Abraham. The patriots practice before cutting the throats of the Canadians.

No 21 10/31/64

Trois-Rivieres: The car of Conservative federal deputy Balcer was set on fire by an operational commando. We don’t hesitate to strike all Québecois who betray their nation.

No 37 6/15/65

St Damien: A train going to Charny derailed near that location. This train came from New Brunswick with a cargo of potatoes meant to flood the market of Quebec at a time when our cultivators are unable to sell theirs. The FLQ/St Damien thus intelligently took care of this foreign convoy.

No 44 10/1/65

Montreal: The FLQ writes to policemen. A little more that one thousand policemen of Montreal received a letter from the FLQ, from which we give an excerpt:

Unscrupulous chiefs use you to repress freedom, and it is nearly impossible for you to refuse repressive missions. But here is what you can do: a zeal strike in all matters concerning the activities of the patriots of Quebec. Know to close your eyes when you see a militant putting up posters or writing “Vive le Québec Libre” on a wall. Even if “authority” opposes our defense of these ideas, for your part you understand that we shouldn’t put people in prison because they want freedom. If a bomb is about to explode, don’t stupidly risk you life. Deploy your zeal to evacuate the place in order to avoid regrettable accidents.

“We know this will sometimes be difficult for you, but this is the path of dignity and freedom. You will assist the Quebecois to win their independence.

“Long live the policemen of Montreal! Long Live Free Quebec!”