William F. Dunne

The Struggle Against Opportunism in the Labor Movement – For a Socialist United States

A Contribution to the Discussion of Major Problems of Marxism-Leninism in Our Country

Chapter 9: Proposals for a Mass Campaign Against Monopoly Capitalism and its Program of Militarism, Suppression of Labor, Crises, Unemployment and War–To Carry on Mass Political Agitation, and Education–To Unite the Forces of Labor to Defeat the Main Forces of Monopoly Capitalism by Political Action–To Prepare the Workingclass for its Leading Role and for Victorious Struggle for A Socialist United States

To carry out this program:

Unite the Marxist forces in our country–Communists and Marxist Socialists–on this minimum program:

Unite the labor movement for maximum resistance by political action on all fronts to the economic and political offensive of Wall Street capitalism, its agents and government.

Unite around the program for political anti-monopoly struggle the millions of unorganized wage earners, exploited salaried and professional people, working farmers of all categories, small propertied groups ruined by the monopolies, the 14 million Negro people.

1). To end crises, depressions, mass unemployment and poverty in the richest country in the world –A Socialist United States.

2). To end war–A Socialist United States. To end the threat of fascism and fascist mercenaries of monopoly capitalism–A Socialist United States.

3). To end exploitation of man by man, to end the present system which compels the many to work to produce wealth for a few–A Socialist United States.

4). To end the plundering of all natural resources and the working population of our country by the system of monopoly capitalism and government solely in its interests–A Socialist United States.

5). To end the double oppression and super-exploitation of the 14 million Negro people–A Socialist United States. To secure and guarantee their equality and their right of self-determination–A Socialist United States.

6). To end all racial, national and religious discrimination and persecution–A Socialist United States.

7). To release for the utmost social use by planned production the productive forces of our country for the benefit of the overwhelming majority of our population, working people and their families–urban and agrarian–in industry and on the farms–A Socialist United States.

8). To secure and guarantee the end of wars by the release and utmost social use of all productive forces throughout the world for the benefit of the vast majority of the earth’s population (working people and their families)–A Socialist United States.

9). To end the use of government power to perpetuate monopoly capitalism and its domination of our country and its working people–A Socialist United States–the democracy of socialism replacing the dictatorship of monopoly capitalism.

10). To end the rule of the capitalist class and abolish the class struggle by abolishing capitalism, now in its decadent final stage of imperialism, a dying system able to survive only by mass deception, tyranny, terror and war–A Socialist United States.

11). To liberate working people of our country from the rule of monopoly capitalism; to guarantee the rapid liberation of all mankind from the tyranny and aggressions of Wall Street and its feudal, fascist puppets and satellite imperialism–Unite to work and fight for a Socialist United States–the democracy of work for the common good replacing the governing dictatorship of wealth.

12). To replace the system of monopoly capitalism by which the millions of the majority are compelled to sell their only commodity, labor power, for the profit of a small minority–A Socialist United States.

13). To replace government in the sole interest of monopoly capitalism and its parasitic ruling class by democratic socialist government. To establish the democracy of the majority who live by labor in place of the disguised dictatorship of the few who live ON labor.

14). Win for the campaign for a Socialist United States the millions of this vast majority of the population of our country where every material resource for a socialist society exists; where all the technical productive forces are present; where actual and potential social forces are overwhelmingly superior in numbers and ability to those of the monopoly capitalist exploiters and rulers.

15). Unite all these mighty forces around the leadership of a Marxist-Leninist Party of the workingclass for a Socialist United States. Unite these forces in the country in which a workingclass and its allies, striving to achieve its socialist destiny, cannot be seriously hampered or halted by armed intervention of any foreign power or combination of foreign powers.

Victory of these irresistible social forces in our country will liberate all oppressed and exploited sections of our population. Socialist victory in our country will liberate the working peoples of the whole word from poverty, social degradation, fascism and war; from the all-embracing destruction toward which the remorseless laws of movement of imperialism drive it with whips of steel and gold.

16). Unite for a Socialist United States in which “he who is able to work and does not, neither shall he eat”; from which will inevitably develop the classless Communist society: “From each according to his ability; to each according to his needs!”