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The Party of Labor of Albania Came to Canada Under a Stolen Flag


First Published: Lines of Demarcation, No. 13, July 1979
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Malcolm and Paul Saba
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The Party of Labor of Albania Came to Canada Under a Stolen Flag

The Theory and Practice of Albanian “Centrism”

I. Africa, Iran, Vietnam

II. The “Well Intentioned” Imperialists

III. The Theoreticians of Three “Superpowers”

IV. The Last of the Mohicans of Bourgeois Democracy – Hoxha Storms the Bastille

Bains’ “Middle” Bourgeoisie

Under a Stolen Flag – V. I. Lenin

Some Questions Concerning the History of Bolshevism – J.V.Stalin

Articles from Proletarian Revolution Combatting Centrism

Chinese Revisionism and the “National Independence” of Canada

The Proletariat Has Only One Banner, the Banner of Socialist Revolution

Mao Tsetung Thought Realized: “Coca-Cola Colonialism” Comes to China

Menshevism Is Not Dead (Part I)

Menshevism Is Not Dead (Part II)

War Between “Communists”: The Bitter Fruit of Conciliation with Revisionism

Proletarian Democracy Is Class Democracy

Iran: The Unfinished Revolution

Imperialist War in Indochina

“Socialist” Vietnam

“CPC(M-L)” “Purges” First Chairman

There is Nothing Marxist-Leninist about the “Marxist-Leninist Party”