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Bolshevik Union

The Party of Labor of Albania Came to Canada Under a Stolen Flag

“CPC(ML)” “Purges” First Chairman

Proletarian Revolution, Vol. l, No. 8, December 1978

The phony “bolshevization” of the counter-revolutionary clique, “CPC (ML),” continues. In a frantic effort to achieve legitimacy and sneak into the international communist movement, Hardial Bains has had to throw out the revisionist nectar which nurtured his “party” from its birth, “Mao Tse-tung Thought.” In fact, however, Bains’ social-fascists have changed nothing of their essence from the days of their First Congress when they intoned, “China’s Chairman is our Chairman! China’s path is our path!” While the Chairman and his “Thought” may be gone, the path continues, unhesitating and firm – the path of a two-stage struggle for liberation from US imperialist domination and “self-determination for the Canadian people.” (PCDN, 24 November 1978, p. 1)

“Revolutionary Nationalism”

The essence of “Mao Tse-tung Thought” and its offspring, the theory of “three worlds,” is bourgeois nationalism, the abandonment of the proletarian revolution and the active alliance with the bourgeoisie in its defence of national independence. In this regard, the history of Bains’ “party” could not be clearer.

In the Political Report from its First Congress, Bains wrote:

...Canada is a neo-colony of the US imperialists....For all intents and purposes, Canada is a country subjugated by the US imperialists, and any forward march in Canada means the elimination of the national oppression and the building of the material conditions for proletarian revolution...

Contradiction 1. Contradiction between US imperialism and its lackeys, the Canadian compradors, and the Canadian people. This contradiction is the principal one, and will necessarily lead to an anti-imperialist revolution. Without the resolution of this contradiction, all the other contradictions will not be resolved. (pp. 10-11)

From his origins Bains denied the line of the Comintern that Canada is an imperialist country. He called for an “anti-imperialist revolution of the Canadian working class and people.” (p. 4) His “party” was beginning an active career spreading anti-communism and class collaboration with its roots firmly imbedded in the dung-heap of “Mao Tse-tung Thought.”

“We have developed from a small discussion group in one city to a national organization based on Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tse-tung Thought...” (Ibid., p. 9) “PUT MAO TSETUNG THOUGHT IN COMMAND OF EVERYTHING” (p. 18)... “we cherish Chairman Mao as the greatest helmsman of the working and oppressed peoples of the world. .. .If we had not stood firm in following Chairman Mao in May 1968, we would have harmed the revolutionary struggle.” (p. 31)

And on and on it went for many years, abject grovelling before their “Chairman” Mao and a complete betrayal of the proletarian revolution.

The Second Congress continued to deny the existence of Canadian imperialism, preferring to ally with it rather than admit it existed. It produced these gems of “Mao Tse-tung Thought”: “The monopoly capitalist class has been ruling Canada since, and before 1867.” (p. 51) “Since the participation of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) in the Federal Elections, the Party has emerged as the national Party of the proletariat...” (p. 44) “Leninism, which is the theory of actually overthrowing the Czarist aristocracy and building the first socialist state...” (p. 59)

Stalin has asked the following question about such a definition of Leninism: “How can this nationally restrictive definition of Leninism be reconciled with Leninism?” (On the Opposition, FLP, p. 270) As in the case of Zinoviev, it can’t. Clear, one would think. Clear, as well, was the CPSU(B)’s firm and just response to Zinoviev’s activity.

After disemboweling Leninism of its international character and its revolutionary essence, Bains then erects his revisionist substitute:

Mao Tse-tung Thought is the theory and tactics of organizing people’s democratic revolution and of waging class struggle under the dictatorship of the proletariat. (Ibid.)

Mao Tsetung Thought is Marxism-Leninism of our era in which imperialism is leading for total collapse and socialism is advancing to worldwide victory. (Constitution of the CPC(ML))

Bains Adopts Mao’s Mutant Offspring

When the Chinese revisionists tried to impose their strategy to become a superpower, the theory of “three worlds,” upon the international communist movement. Bains eagerly took it up, and began building his “united front against the superpowers.”

The decisive factor in history today is precisely struggle of the Third World’s peoples against superpower politics. They are leading the united front against US and Soviet social-imperialism – a united front which includes many different classes and countries. What propels history forward is the struggle against superpower politics. (PCDN-OTL. Feb. 21, 1975, p. 4)

The theory of “three worlds” fit harmoniously into Bains’ plan of “national independence” from US imperialism. Based on this counter-revolutionary strategy. Bains actively worked to promote Canadian imperialism.

If you recall in October 1973, at the time of the latest middle east war we were informed one morning that the US imperialists had mobilized without even asking the permission of the Canadian defense minister. The excuse for this wrong-doing was that the minister of defense was ’asleep.’ If the world war breaks out it is the masses of the peoples who are going to suffer most from shambles which the imperialists are preparing for the world. For this reason it is the masses of the Canadian people who must take things into their own hands and arouse the sleeping defense ministers.” (PCDN-OTL, Feb. 17, 1975, p. 4)

Unfortunately for Bains, the Chinese revisionists wanted to “arouse the sleeping defense minister” to form a front which included the United States to oppose the Soviet Union. Bains took his nationalism and began using it to oppose the “three worlds,” and has recently been forced to denounce “Mao Tsetung Thought” itself, the proud parent.

Bains’ Line Today: the Same Class Collaboration in New Clothes

Bains renounced the theory of “three worlds” in name, and has now come out opposing “Mao Tsetung Thought” (a scant few weeks after his memorial meetings for Mao in September and October.) But his politics are no different. Today, “CPC(ML)” is raising the banner of “revolutionary nationalism.” It is attempting to obscure its denial of the one-stage proletarian revolution (which is “merely trotskyite sophistry and windbaggery,” according to their Third Congress held in March 1977) by linking the struggle for independence from US imperialism to the struggle for socialism. The building crescendo of nationalism in “CPC(ML)” has pushed it into calling for the self-determination of the Canadian people!

Both the ’unity’ fraud of Trudeau and the ’independence’ fraud of Levesque are designed to deprive the people of Quebec and the entire Canadian people of the democratic rights to self-determination....There can be no self-determination for the Canadian people under US imperialist domination and the rule of the reactionary bourgeoisie which is the social base for this domination. (PCDN, 24 Nov., 1978)

The second sentence is so popular, the Bainsites use it twice. The article closes:

Similarly, the issue of genuine democracy, including the right to self-determination, is an issue of overthrowing the negators of democracy – the reactionary bourgeoisie and US imperialism. This is the issue which the proletariat has taken up as practical task for solution. (Ibid.)

Clear and blanket avowal of their sabotage of the struggle of the proletariat for socialism. For Bains “self-determination” “is the issue.”

Bains is clarifying his nefarious aims for all to see. The Bainsite terminology of “the main enemy of the proletariat and people in Canada is the reactionary bourgeoisie and US imperialism” (PCDN, 23 nov. 1978, p. 2) has nothing in common with the correct Leninist analysis of the Bolshevik Union which places the proletariat in opposition to the Canadian bourgeois class and US imperialism in Canada. The Leninist line of the Bolshevik Union calls for the overthrow of the Canadian bourgeoisie and the expulsion of US imperialism in a single-stage proletarian revolution.

Bains, more openly than at any time since his “rejection” of the “three worlds.” is calling for the proletariat to abandon its historic mission. Bains continues to consider Canada a neo-colony in fact, which is confirmed when he raises the absurd call for “self-determination for the Canadian people.”

There is another “party” in Canada which lays great stress on self-determination for the English as well as the Quebecois nation, the revisionist “Communist” Party of Canada. (We leave aside for the moment that each of these “parties” confuses the province of Quebec with the Quebecois nation – thereby participating in the colonialist dreams of the Quebecois imperialists who look with wide eyes upon the resources of the Native colony.) The; “CPC’ calls for the enshrining of the right to self-determination for both nations (English and French, not Quebecois) in the Constitution. The Khrushchevite revisionism of the “CPC” leads to the same counter-revolutionary conclusions as the Chinese revisionism of Bains and “CPC(ML).”

The struggle which Bains leads against the theory of “three worlds” is as phony as the bolshevization of his “party.” Bains refuses to quote the League or In Struggle. Rather, he makes great generalizations about their lines.

These chauvinists in Canada openly advance the counter-revolutionary line that the only area where revolution is possible is in Asia, Africa and Latin America and its suits them well when the right opportunists in China are also pushing the same counter-revolutionary line. The line that ’Afro-Asians and Latin Americans are more revolutionary than the proletariat in the capitalist countries,’ is the form of chauvinism through which the rotting capitalist system, the capitalist system at its highest stage is defended. (PCDN, 27 Nov. 1978, p. 2)

Bains neglects to add that this was “CPC(ML)” line when it talked about “building of the material conditions for proletarian revolution.” However, it is not the line of the proponents of the “three worlds” which Bains would like his readers and “Party” members to believe. The theory of “three worlds” negates the revolution throughout the world. The Chinese revisionists are certainly not pushing this line, as Bains asserts. They call on the national liberation movements to unite with their reactionary oppressor and defend the national independence from Soviet hegemony.

This is exactly the opposite of what Bains characterizes as the error of the Chinese revisionists. Why does he consciously obscure this point? Why does his “party” openly attack the correct position of the international communist movement? Bains confuses the issue and mystifies the question in order to cover his own betrayal – which is the same betrayal as the “three worldists” and every other shade of revisionism. This he must do to cover himself in Canada. But as a revisionist fifth column within the communist movement, Bains is fulfilling his duty: to split and wreck the growing unity among international Marxist-Leninists. Bains is moving from paying lip service to the Marxist-Leninist line into open attacks.

Deepen The Struggle Against “CPC(ML)”

The momentum is growing in the struggle to defeat Bains and his phoney “party.” The struggle must not let up. Though he is certain to set up agents who seek to wreck and split the growing revolutionary forces, they will will be exposed, cast aside into the heap which one day awaits Bains. For the first time since the degeneration of the CPC, an authentic wave of Marxist-Leninists is rising, an authentic wave which has split for all time from the poisonous weeds of “Mao Tse-tung Thought.” This wave will wash away all the opportunists and revisionists and defend the purity of Marxism-Leninism with its blood. The “CPC(ML)” has “purged” its first “Chairman”; the Bolshevik Union and the Canadian proletariat will take care of the second.

Smash “CPC(ML)”!

Defend Marxism-Leninism!