Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

The whole is equal to the sum of the parts

One Individual: Election Platform

In seeking a position on the CR editorial board I wish to make the following points on the Journal and how its tasks should be carried out:

1. CR is promoting a level of unity in the Marxist-Leninist movement of English Canada from which it will be possible to principledly demarcate positions in order to achieve unity at a higher level.

Within the CR collective, initial unity is minimal, on the political tasks of the Journal; but it is still a unity of Marxist-Leninists and must be built on that basis.

Therefore the editorial board must lead the collective as a whole (in consultation with other Canadian MLs) in making political decisions on the contents and basis of unity of the Journal (such as determining priorities on what issues should be raised at what stage of development of the ML movement, soliciting submissions, and determining what are or are not ML positions.). This must be done on a straight majority-minority basis with sufficient but limited debate.

2. The central issues in the Marxist-Leninist movement as I see them, which CR should concentrate on, are:

a. party-building
b. determining the methodology for, and carrying out, debate around the principal contradiction
c. practical relationships of MLs to the working class and trade unions.

3. For one faction on the Journal to dictate policy, by majority dictatorship or minority obstructionism, is impermissable as contrary to the spirit of the existinq unity and the urgency of current tasks.

The principal error of practice throughout my experience with CR has been the failure of the majority to effectively combat the obstructionism of the Bolshevik Tendency and proceed with the political tasks of the Journal. This error is being corrected through heightened struggle and unity of the other members around political direction of the Journal, as evidenced by recent resolutions, particulary the decision to adopt an elected, majority-rule editorial board. This trend must be consolidated by clear analysis of current tastes, determination in tackling these tasks, and discipline in defeating obstructionism.

4. Some practical proposals to facilitate the political development of the Journal:

a. Continuation of the practice initiated in the editorial of issue 4, in summing up in an editorial ONE collective majority position on political questions concerning the Journal, in order to inform our readership of the struggle behind decisions of the collective.

b. Separate distribution to the other Marxist-Leninist groups of position papers prepared by tendencies or individuals, analyzing developments in the Journal and inviting comment This would both stimulate discussion in other areas on the political importance of Journal developments, and result in a broader selection of views on the Journal’s role.

c. Speedy implementation of regional meetings.