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The whole is equal to the sum of the parts

Opportunism, Canadian Revolution and the Unity of Marxist-Leninists

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First Published: 1976
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Malcolm and Paul Saba
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I. The Whole

A. Introduction

B. “Against Opportunism in the Journal”

C. Development and Conclusion of the Struggle in the Journal

II. The Parts

A. The Toronto Communist Group: Leadership in Opportunism

B. Workers’ Unity: Vacillation and Cowardice

C. The Two Individuals

III. The Sum


IV. Appendix

A. The Appropriated Journals – Self-Criticism

B. Positions of the Bolshevik Tendency

C. Positions of the Toronto Communist Group

D. Positions of Workers’ Unity

E. Election Platform of One Individual

F. Minutes of the Meeting of October 26

G. Letter to Subscribers from CR (main body)

* * *

EDITOR’S NOTE: In this pamphlet we have made public various documents previously internal to the Journal. We feel free to do this since we no longer recognize any discipline vis-a-vis the Journal. Furthermore, all of the documents relate to struggles that were in no way the private internal concern of the Journal. The Journal had certain responsibilities to the movement. Secrecy about how the Journal was developing was inconsistent with its responsibilities.

We have made every effort to be conscious of security considerations and have eliminated most references to numbers and, with one exception, to personal names (that exception being unavoidable, as indicated). We struggle on the level of politics and not on the level of informers to the RCMP.

In contrast to our approach of honouring security considerations to the maximum, CR (main body), in a letter to subscribers, specified how many journals were taken by us, how many of our members were in Canadian Revolution, and the names of two of our members (without any apparent political purpose except exposure itself). Furthermore, during our final meeting with them they informed us that they were planning to print all of our names, and that in the case of pseudonyms, they would seek to print our real names if possible. We told them that this was to play the role of informers for the RCMP. The CR representatives agreed. It is fortunate that they changed their minds and limited themselves to the extent that they did in their final decisions. On the other hand, this was just another example of their willingness to resort to devious and bureaucratic solutions to achieve the hegemony of their inadequate politics.