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Revolutionary Communist Party

New Programme and New Constitution of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

(Drafts for Discussion)


First Published: 1980.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
Copyright: RCP Publications, 1980.

Table of Contents



The Future, In This Country And The World, Is Coming Up For Grabs

Proletarian Revolution Is The Only Resolution Of The Crisis In The Interests Of The Masses Of People

Proletarian Revolution Requires The Armed Seizure Of Power And Continuing Struggle By The Masses To Overthrow And Finally Eliminate The Capitalist System, The Bourgeoisie And All Class Distinctions

A United Front Under Its Leadership Is The Proletariat’s Strategy For Revolution

Create Public Opinion, Seize Power

The Proletariat, Upon Seizing Power, Will Immediately Take Up The Transformation Of Society

Organs of Political Power

The Economy

International Relations


Uprooting National Oppression

The Crisis of the Cities and Social Decay




Proletarian Dictatorship, Democracy and the Rights of the People

The Immediate Consolidation of Victory and the Longer Term Battle to Transform Society

The Party And The Masses

A Call To Battle–A Challenge To Dare


General Line of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

Constitution Articles