Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

Index to SPARK

MIA Introduction: Spark was published by the P.R. Club, Communist Party (Expelled) in the Bronx, from April 1947 through May 1948. In July 1948, the Spark group joined with two others to begin publishing the journal Turning Point. For more on these groups and publications, see Anti-Revisionist Communism in the United States, 1946-50.

Volume I, No. 1 April 1947

Towards A Marxist Party – A Draft Transitional Program
Hari Kari on the Ninth Floor (on the CIO Communist Non-interference Resolution)
Report from Frisco
Free Eisler – Defend the Legality of the CP
Reprint: Declaration by the Editorial Board of Iskra (Lenin)
Our S.O.S Answered

Volume I, No. 2 May 1947

Towards A Marxist Party – Reactions to NCP’s Letter and Dunne’s Pamphlet
Barnard Rubin for General Secretary of the CPUSA – A Reaction to the Daily Worker
How Late Is It?
Spark’s Declaration of Intentions
Reprint: Political “Neutrality” in the Trade Unions (Lenin)

Volume I, No. 3 June 1947

Towards A Marxist Party – An Analysis of NCP’s Position
CPUSA Convention
Reprint: Letter on Opportunism (Marx & Engels)

Volume I, No. 4 July 1947

Towards A: Marxist Party – Magic Caps and Monsters (Part I)
A Letter from Canada
An Exchange of Letters Between NCP and Spark
Fighting Trotskyism
Letter from Frisco
Reprint: Two Letters from Engels to Bebel

Volume I, No. 5 August 1947

Towards A Marxist Party – Magic Caps and Monsters (Part II)
Three Letters from Los Angeles
Trotskyism – Open or “Suttal”
Reprint: Oleshchuko on the Struggle against Fascism
Not Robots

Volume I, No. 6 December 1947

The Nine – Party Conference and American Communists
Vern Smith Versus the Tenney Committee
Two Statements by Jack Greenall

Volume II, No. 1 January 1948

The Third Party and the Big Switch of 1948

Volume II, No. 2 February 1948

The Third Party Victory in the Bronx
A Letter on the Third Party
Communists in the N.M.U. (Reprint of Fore ’N’ Aft, etc.)
A Discussion of Harrison George’s “Crisis in the CPUSA”

Volume II, No. 3 March 1948

3 Letters on Opportunism (to Foster, Feb. 1944; to the Secretariat, Dec. 2, 1945; to the National Committee, June 2, 1946)

Expulsion in Astoria

Volume II, No. 4 April 1948

The Fight Against Opportunism in the CP in North Carolina

Volume II, No. 5 May 1948

The Fight Against Opportunism in Brooklyn