Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

Workers’ Press

Workers’ Press was issued by the Marxist-Leninist Collective, a small group located in the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Area, beginning in 1975.

Volume 1:

No. 1, September 1975

What is Marxism
Miners Walk Out!
Labor Traitors!
Independence for the Black Nation
Unemployment: A Fact of Capitalism
Who We Are
Great October Revolutions

No. 2, October 1975

Marxism: A Guide to Action
The C.I.A.
Television: A Cop Out
Where Do Profits Come From?

No. 3, November 1975

S.F. Mayoral Elections
Counter-revolution in Disguise
Why Study History?

No. 4

No. 5 December 1975

The Spirit of Chri$tmas
S.F. Run-off Election
Class Nature of Fascism
USNA Military-Big Business
Oakland General Strike
Counterrevolutionary Alliance

Volume 2:

No. 1

No. 2, February 1976

Has the Economy “Recovered”?

Special Issue: International Report, March 1976

No. 3

No. 4

No. 5

No. 6

No. 7, July 1976

Industry Under Socialism
Why is Industry Moving Forward
Europe’s Migrant Workers
An Honest Capitalist Speaks!

No. 8, August 1976

Civil War in Lebanon
Overpopulation – Bourgeois Propaganda
Free Childcare – Only Under Socialism

No. 9, August 1976

Rubber Strike Exposes Union Leaders!
Carter or Ford – Two Sides of the Same Coin
The Struggle for Land in the Southwest and Mexico
Political Olympics
The Term “U.S.N.A.”

No. 10, October 1976

Build a Communist Party!
Dedication to Mao Tse-tung
Celebrate October 1st

No. 11, November 1976

Elections ’76 – CPUSA Is No Alternative
African People Bound to Win!
Education in China
Split in the Working Class
Bourgeois Elections: Cover for Attacks on Working Class

No. 12, December 1976

Party Building: Strategy and Tactics
Proposal for forums

Volume 3:

No. 1, January 1977

Party Building: Unite Marxist-Leninists, Win the Advanced to Communism!
Mexico: The Struggle Intensifies
Drugs: A Social Disease
Imperialist Investment in the Black Nation

No. 2, February 1977

Health and Safety in the Shipyards
On Imperialist War
Who Benefits from Forced Overtime?
Independence for Puerto Rico

No. 3, March 1977

Build Communist Cores!
Local 750: Who Does the Union Serve?

No. 4, April 1977

Why the Disunity Among Marxist-Leninists?
Demand Healthy and Safe Working Conditions
Land Eviction Threatens Farmer: Oppressed Black Nation

No. 5, May 1977

Special Issue on Latin America

No. 6, June 1977

US or USSR: Who’s the Main Danger
Communist Cores: Reply to the LPR (M-L)
Electronics and Imperialist War
Machinists #68: Bureaucrats Exposed!

No. 7, July 1977

Lessons of the Rylock Strike
Southern Africa – Focus of Struggle
Bribed Strata of the U.A.W.

No. 8, August 1977

Statement on the ’Third World’
Labor Traitors in the Shipyards

No. 9, September 1977

Socialism in China
The Role of the Shipyards in Imperialist War
Propaganda and Agitation
Socialism and the Elderly

No. 10, October 1977

From Socialism to Social-Imperialism
RCP on the Split in the Working Class
Undocumented Workers: Carter’s Plan
Smash Bakke

No. 11, November 1977

Texas Town Battles Monopoly and Courts
RCP on the Split in the Workng Class – Part 2
Statement on the ’Third World’ – Part 2

No. 12, December 1977

Down with the Shah!
Why the Lay-Offs in Steel?
Expose and Expel the Labor Traitors
Imperialism Means Hunger
Lessons from the Moldmakers’ Strike

Volume 4:

No. 1, January 1978

Health and Safety in the Glass Industry
Puerto Rico: Island Showcase of Imperialism
Win the Advanced to Communism

Special Issue, February-March 1978

The Theory of Three Worlds and the Middle East Situation Today