MIA: History: ETOL: Fourth International Founding Conference

Fourth International Founding Conference TOWARD A HISTORY OF THE FOURTH INTERNATIONAL

Founding Conference of the

Fourth International


Program and
Resolutions and Program proofread by Scott Wilson for the
Encyclopedia of Trotskyism On-Line in 2006


Salute to Our Living Martyrs and Our Heroic Dead

Greetings to the Fighters in Spain

World Congress Greetings to Leon Trotsky

The Death Agony of Capitalism and the Tasks of the Fourth International [In the Leon Trotsky Internet Archive]

Against Imperialist War

Statutes of the Fourth International

The War in the Far East and the Revolutionary Perspectives

Thesis on the World Role of American Imperialism

Resolution on the Tasks of the French Section

Statement of the I.S. on the Molinier Group

Resolution on the Work of the Canadian Section

On Unification of the British Section

On the Greek Section

Resolution on the Situation in Poland

On the Mexican Question

On Organizing Defense and Relief for Persecuted Revolutionists

Resolution on the Youth

Articles and Essays on the Events Leading Up to the Congress

How the Fourth International Was Conceived—by Jean van Heijenoort—First published in Fourth International, August 1944

Trotsky’s Struggle for the Fourth International—by John G. Wright—First published in Fourth International, August 1946

Victor Serge on the Fourth InternationalEditors of the Russian Bulletin of the Opposition—in Quatrième Internationale, April 1939


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