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In Defense of American Trotskyism

Rebuilding the Revolutionary Party

Edited by Paul Le Blanc

Published by the Fourth Internationalist Tendency, First Edition: December, 1990

by Paul Le Blanc

In Defense of Revolutionary Continuity
by Paul Le Blanc and Dianne Feeley

The Platform of the Fourth Internationalist Tendency

The Socialist Workers Party Today
by Frank Lovell and Paul Le Blanc

Balance Sheet on the Socialist Workers Party
Adopted by the FIT National Conference, September 2, 1990

The Socialist Workers Party Formalizes Break from the Fourth International

Fourth Internationalist Unity in the United States
Resolution adopted September 2, 1990 by the FIT National Conference

Building the U.S. Fourth Internationalist Movement: Fourth Internationalist Unity in the United States
Report to September 1990 FIT National Conference by Paul Le Blanc

A Call by the Fourth Internationalist Tendency


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