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A Call by the Fourth Internationalist Tendency

To our comrades in Socialist Action and in Solidarity:

The withdrawal of the Socialist Workers Party from the Fourth International, after attempting for years to disrupt it, creates a new situation for our movement in this country. Reunification of FI forces can now take place only outside of the SWP. And the need for a united organization of the Fourth International in the U.S. has never been greater:

* The collapse of Stalinism in Eastern Europe and its profound crisis in the USSR and in China raises crucial questions that the Fourth International is able to answer in a unique and effective manner.

* It is necessary to broaden and strengthen opposition to U.S. imperialism as it continues on its destructive course in Central America, the Caribbean, and South Africa, while bringing us to the brink of a major war in the Middle East.

* And here at home, in the midst of a growing economic, social, and political crisis, activists involved in the labor and anti-intervention movements, Black, Latino, women's, and other struggles, are increasing their activity and engaging in discussions about how to move forward.

Unification of the forces of the Fourth International would significantly strengthen our ability to be active in and provide leadership for these struggles. It would create a pole of attraction for experienced political activists—including the best elements from the SWP who have become disillusioned because of that organization's crisis—and draw newly radicalizing layers toward the Trotskyist movement. This, in turn, would lay the necessary groundwork for a future mass revolutionary party in the United States.

The FIT therefore unconditionally favors a process which can lead to unity among comrades currently in our own organization, in Socialist Action, and in Solidarity, resulting in the reconstitution of a sympathizing section of our world movement in the U.S. The process we envision involves all three components of our movement in this country which are recognized in a fraternal way by the Fourth International. In this spirit we advocate and will work to bring about discussion and cooperative activities between the three existing groups.

We have had big differences over important questions such as our assessment of the Nicaraguan revolution and the FSLN, how to interpret events in Eastern Europe and the USSR, and what attitude to take toward other left currents in the U.S. or toward the majority of the Fourth International. These differences can, however, coexist within a common Leninist organization, since they are not of a principled nature; they can be resolved by the normal functioning of a healthy, fulsome, and fruitful democratic centralism which alone assures a voluntary discipline in action.

We believe that everything possible must be done to move in the direction of a unification of our forces. We commit ourselves to that end and call upon our comrades in Socialist Action and in Solidarity to join in this endeavor. We look forward to your response.

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