Pamphlet Series of the

Socialist Workers Party (U.S.)
[Pioneer Publishing, Education Dept. of the SWP and associated publications and groups]

These pamphlets published by the U.S. Socialist Workers Party and other groups associated with the early Trotskyist movement were digitized by the Riazinov Library Scanning Center in San Pablo, CA and Brooklyn, NY. Additional scans were accomplished by Josh Vegerano, an intern at the Holt Labor Library.

This collection includes pamphlets that were published by varying entities of the SWP: the SWP itself, Pioneer Publishing, the original Trotskyist publishing house in the US; the Young Socialist Alliance; Merit and Anchor publishers set up in the 1960s by the SWP for tax purposes but still under the purview of the SWP. While most of these items are SWP related, some are in fact published by opponents of the SWP. Some material published by the Trotskyists in the Canadian State are also available below. Much of these materials was supplied by the Holt Labor Library from their vast pamphlet collection.

Many of these pamphlets link to pamphlets in the Internet Archive for the authors writing the pamphlet. If there is a pamphlet you are looking for by a writer that does not appear below, please go to that authors web page here on the MIA as it might be listed there. The list of pamphlets and booklets below are organized chronologically.

Lenin, Liebknecht, Luxemburg 1925 (by Max Shachtman, published by the Young Workers League)

Toward An American Revolutionary Labor Movement 1934 Statement of Programmatic Orientation of the American Workers Party.

War and the 4th International 1934. Click here for pamhlet in HTML format.

From Communism to Socialism 1934 pamphlet by Albert Goldman

Who Killed Pat Corcoran-and why? by James P. Cannon

War and the Workers 1936 By John West a.k.a. James Burnham. Click here for pamphlet in HTML format.

Why Did They “Confess”? 1937 A Study of the Radek-Piatakov Trial Introduction by James Burhnam. Click here for pamhlet in HTML format.

What is Socialism?1938. By Albert Goldman

Fascism and the American Scene 1938. By Dwight McDonald

How to Fight War? 1938 Isolation? Collective Security? Relentless Class Struggle

1938 The Farmer-Labor Party A PROGRAM An Open Letter to Governor Benson From The SOCIALIST WORKERS PARTY Minnesota Section

Founding Conference of the Fourth International—Program and Resolution 1939. By the Fourth International

Why We Defend the Soviet Union 1940. By Albert Goldman

To the Memory of the Old Man (Trotsky obituary) by James P. Cannon

Trade Union Problems 1940. By Farrell Dobbs

To the Memory of the Old Man (Obiturary of Leon Trotsky) 1940. By James P. Cannon. Alternate version: Click Here for pamphlet in HTML format.

The Assassination of Leon Trotsky, The Proof of Stalin’s Guilt 1940. By Albert Goldman

Today’s Fight Against the Bosses; Expropriate the War Industries! Undated 1940s

Socialism On Trial 1941. By James P. Cannon

How to Get Jobs for All 1942. Issued by the Workers Party

The Workers and the Second World 1942. By James P. Cannon

To the Workers and Peasants of India 1942. By the Fourth International

The End of the Comintern and The Prospects of Labor Internationalism 1941. By James P. Cannon

Your Standard of Living...What’s Happening to it? 1943. By Charles Curtiss.

The United States and the Second World War. The European Revolution and Tasks of The Revolutionary Party 1944. Resolutions of Eleventh Convention of the American Trotskyist Movement

The Russian Revolution, by James P. Cannon

Only Victorous Socialist Revolutions Can Prevent the Third World War! 1946, by the Fourth International

The Road to Peace, According to Stalin, According to Lenin 1951, by James P. Cannon. Click Here for pamphlet in HTML format.

History of the American Socialist Youth Movement to 1929. 1946 by Shirley Waller (This material was irst published as part of two bulletins prepared circa 1946 for the Provisional National Committee for a Socialist Youth League [Youth Section of the Workers Party]. Subsequently reprinted with additional introductory and summary material by Tim Wohlforth as History of the International Socialist Youth Movement to 1929, published as a mimeographed “Educational Bulletin No. 3” by the Young Socialist [Socialist Workers Party], New York, n.d. [1959].)

The Death Agony of Capitalism and the Tasks of the Fourth International 1946. A new edition of the 1938 original pamphlet on the Transitional Program, originally drafted by Leon Trotsky.

The Coming American Revolution 1947, by James P. Cannon. Click Here for pamphlet in HTML format.

American Stalinism and Anti-Stalinism 1947, by James P. Cannon

The Voice of Socialism, August 1948, by James P. Cannon, Grace Carlson & Farrell Dobbs

1948 Manifesto of the Fourth International 1948 by the Fourth International

McCarthyism: American Fascism On The March, 1953. Statement by the PC of the SWP

The Auto Settlement and the General Labor Situation July 23, 1955 (Digest of Discussion Presentation at new York Membership Meeting—PDF of original pamphlet)

Revolution in Hungary and the Crisis of Stalinism 1957. (Statement adopted by the National Committee of the Socialist Workers Party, January 1957. PDF of original pamphlet).

Regroupment. A Programmatic Basis for Discussion of Socialist Unity 1959.

Healy Reconstructs the Fourth International 1966, by Joseph Hansen

Trends in the Trade Unions May-June 1968

Revolutionary Analysis, Strategy and Tactics Today, 1969. Young Socialist Alliance Political Resolution.

Introduction to the Young Socialist Alliance, 1971

A Strategy for Youth, 1972. Young Socialist Alliance Political Resolution.

Pioneer Press/SWP pamphlets on the Negro/Black/African-American struggle

Pamphlets on this subject by Albert Parker/George Breitman:

Defend the Negro Sailors 1940 by Albert Parker (George Breitman)

The Negro March on Washington 1941 by Albert Parker (George Breitman)

Roosevelt and the Negroes 1942 by Albert Parker (George Breitman)

The Negro March on Washington — One Year Later 1942by Albert Parker (George Breitman)

Negros March on Washington 1943 by Albert Parker (George Breitman)

The Struggle for Negro Equality 1943 by Albert Parker (George Breitman), co-written with John Saunders

The Negro in the Post-War World 1942 by Albert Parker (George Breitman)

NAACP Appeals to the UN 1947 by Albert Parker (George Breitman)

The Bomb-Murder of Harry T. Moore 1952 by Albert Parker (George Breitman)

Negro ‘Progress’ — What the Facts Show 1952 by Albert Parker (George Breitman)

When Anti-Negro Prejudice Began 1954 by George Bretiman

The Future of the Negro Struggle by 1963 George Breitman

How A Minority Can Change Society 1964 by George Breitman

Question of Alliances in Negro Freedom Struggle 1965 by George Breitman

Marxism and the Negro Struggle 1965 by George Breitman

In Defense Of Black Power 1966 by George Breitman

Introduction to Afro-American History by Malcolm X 1967 by George Breitman

Myths About Malcolm X 1967 by George Breitman

Pamphlets on the Negro/Black Question by other authors

Tampa — Tar and Terror 1935 by the Committee for Defense of Civil Rights in Tampa (not the SWP but by an organization among whose founders were members of the SWP)

A Practical Program to Kill Jim Crow 1945 by Charles Jackson

Vigilante Terror in Fontana The Tragic Story of O'Day H. Short and his Family 1946 by Myra Tanner Weiss

Build a Labor Party Now! 1946. George Clarke

A Letter to American Negros 1948 by William B. Bohannan

My Name is Wesley Robert Wells 1951 by the San Francisco Civil Rights Committee (not the SWP but by an organization among whose founders were members of the SWP)

Racist Terror at Trumbull Park, Chicago 1954 by Howard Mayhew

Desegregation! Labor’s Stake in the Fight for Negro Equality 1955 by Jean Simon 1955

The Class-Struggle Road to Negro Equality 1957 by the SWP

Freedom Now! New Stage in the Struggle for Negro Emancipation 1963 by the SWP but drafted by George Breitman

Why Watts Exploded 1966 by Della Rossa, published by the Los Angeles Local of the SWP

The Black Uprising 1967 by Paul Boutelle, Derrick Morrison, George Novack

Pamphlets by groups associated with the SWP

Pamphlets/Bulletins by the American Committee for the Defense of Leon Trotsky

American Committee for the Defense of Leon Trotsky Bulletin No. 3, February 3, 1937

American Committee for the Defense of Leon Trotsky Bulletin No. 4, February 19, 1937

American Committee for the Defense of Leon Trotsky Bulletin No. 5, March 16, 1937

American Committee for the Defense of Leon Trotsky Bulletin No. 6, May 16, 1937

Truth is On The March (published by the ASDLT in May of 1937)

Pamphlets on trial of the Minneapolis 18

Civil Rights Defender Vol. 1, No. 4, April 1942 (Published by the Civil Rights Defense Committee)

Message in solidarity with the Mpls 18 from the I.U.M.S.W.A. Local 42-C.I.O., March 3, 1944

Pamphlet defending the Mpls 18 (no date)

National C.I.O. War Relief Committee statement of support, March 8, 1944

Minneapolis Labor Case: a report on work for 1944 in defense of the victims of the Smith "gag" Act.

Who are the 18 Prisoners in the Minneapolis Labor Case? By James T. Farrell for the Comm. 1944

Pamphlet by author James T. Farrell and several of the Mpls 18 defendants (no date)

The Bill of Rights in Danger! by George Novack (no date)

Color brochure from the Civil Right Defense Committee with union and Socialist supporters of the campaign (no date)

Workers Demand Freedom. Similar to the color brochure noted above

Witch Hunt in Minnesota. Pamphlet by the L.A. Civil Rights Defense Committee 1942(?)

Workers On Trial. Pamphlet in defense of the Mpls. 18


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