Socialist Viewpoint

Socialist Viewpoint is a British publication produced between 1984 and 1987 by former members of the Workers' Socialist League, a current that had originated in expulsions from the Workers' Revolutionary Party led by Gerry Healy in 1975. That WSL merged with the International-Communist League in 1981 to form a "new" WSL, connected with the paper Socialist Organiser. Many of the "old" WSL members hived off from the "new" WSL in 1982-4. The "old" WSL core parted from the "new" WSL in 1984, and formed the Socialist Group, publishing Socialist Viewpoint. It fused in 1987 with the International Group and others to form the International Socialist Group. In addition to Socialist Viewpoint, we have one issue, from 1977, of the "old" WSL's magazine, Trotskyism Today, listed below.

These files were provided by Rob Mardsen of the Red Mole Rising Project and the Splits & Fusion blog.

Contents by Issue

Trotskyism Today, No. 1, Jul, 1977
No. 1, Autumn, 1984
No. 2, Nov, 1984
No 3, Feb, 1985
No. 4, Mar, 1985
Special Coventry Bulletin issue, Mar, 1985
No. 5, Apr, 1985
No. 7, Sep, 1985
No. 8, Nov, 1985
No. 9, Dec, 1985
No. 10, Feb, 1986
No. 11, Mar, 1986
No. 12, May, 1986
No. 13, Jul, 1986
No. 14, Nov, 1986
No. 15, Feb, 1987
No. 16, Apr-May, 1987


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