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Young Spartacus

Young Spartacus was published in the United States by the Trotskyist movement by the youth of that movement, and for communist youth then organized into the Communist Party’s Young Communist League (YCL). The YCL was infected with the same Stalinist ultra-leftism that had permiated the adult Communist Party in the U.S. and the entire communist movement by way of the Communist International. Young Spartacus was aimed at bringing the Leninist politics of the International Left Opposition in general and that of the Communist League specifically, to the youth of the YCL. Young Spartacus was published semi-monthly. It started publishing as Trotskyist forces strarted developing young cadre; in the winter of 1931, during the depts of the depression. When the Communist League had started developing a flollowing among labor union militants as it turned from the internal factional politics of the Communist Party to the whole of the working class itself, the CL merged with a American Workers Party to form the Workers Party of the United States. At this point the newly united party folded Young Spartacus into the pages of the The New Militant.

Toward the Fall and Winter of 2010, the recently organized Riazinov Library, developed by Dr. Marty Goodman, started bringing his hard-copy and microfilm collection of early Trotskyist literature online in collaboration with the Enyclopedia of Trotskyism On-Line. These small number of full PDF versions of Young Spartacus for 1931 are temporary un-cleaned up scans. They do NOT represent the final, percise and high quality scans we will placing on the ETOL eventually. These scans are for our readers to get the idea of what they will look like when the higher and better quailty PDFs go up. These PDFs are the first, ever, online version of Young Spartacus on the Internet.

By Year/Volume

1931 & 1932—Volume 1 & 2

1933—Volume 2

1934—Volume 3

1935—Volume 4

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