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Young Spartacus

(1931 – 1932)

Volume I, Number 1, December 1931 (Full pdf version)
Young Spartacus
Published by the National Youth Committee, Communist League of America (Opposition), New York, NY

Associate Editors:

    Martin Abern
    Joseph Carter
    George Ray

War in Manchuria Youth Must Combat Capitalist Militarism

Build Communist Youth Movement Young Spartacus to Work for Clarity and Action

Chicago Y.C.L. Activities in Decline
(The article notes "a profound ignorance from the lowest to the highest ranks concerning the teachings of Marx, Engels and Lenin." Comrades Norman Satir, Nathan Gould and Ruth Andris, supported by others have protested this state of affairs and have been met with expulsion.)

In the Y.C.I. Organization Records Feeble Growth

The Labor Youth Press
(The article discussed the shortcomings of the "Young Worker" and "Free Youth," the youth publications of the Young Communist League and the Young Peoples' Socialist League respectively)

3 Spartacus Speaks to the Gladiators
(The story of the slave gladiator who led an army of tens of of thousands of gladiators against the armies of Rome in an attempt to gain their freedom. They were eventually defeated after much early success. The article contains a speech by Spartacus to his followers exhorting them to fight for their freedom.)

Question and Answer Column-
(Explains briefly the "materialistic conception of history," "determinism" and "human nature.")

Youth Victims of Class Justice

Book Review-
(A review of "Where To Begin"--by F. Fuernberg, distributed by Y.C.L. U.S.A. The review discusses the shortcomings of the methods and activities of the Y.C.L)

Lenin - Working Class Leader
(Article by Trotsky)

Thesis on the Youth Question
(reprint of the thesis on the youth question adopted at the Second National Conference of the Communist League of America (Opposition,) N.Y.C. September 24-27, 1931. Part 1 of 4.)

Communist Student Expelled
(Rose Tekulsly, Y.C.L. member was expelled from Morris High School in N.Y.C. for organizing to protest the raising of prices in the school cafeteria and the addition of mandatory fees for students. The Y.C.L. called a student protest meeting attended by more than 150 students and a possible student strike was discussed.)

N.Y. Youth Club Formed

Books By Leon Trotsky
(A listing.)

Volume II, Number 2, January 1932 (Full pdf version)
Young Spartacus
Published by the National Youth Committee, Communist League of America (Opposition), New York, NY

Associate Editors:

    Martin Abern
    Joseph Carter
    George Ray

N.Y. Marine Workers Being Framed Organizations Rally to the Assistance of Soderberg, Bunker and Trajer

The Life of a Young Seaman
(A letter from William Trajer, one of the defendants.)

Honor Bolshevik Leaders Continue the Tradition of Lenin, Liebknecht and Luxemberg

Marxian Youth Club Develops Activities

Students and the Revolutionary Movement

(A call to worker action.)

March of the Hungry Men

In China
(About the failure of Chiang Kai-Shek to repel the Japanese from Manchuria and how it has spawned a mass movement against him and the Japanese in which students play a big part. Fifty thousand students demonstrate in Nanking.)

Communist Views on Elections

Books by Leon Trotsky Carry Out Lenin's Will His Last Words to the Party, Still Suppressed by the Stalinists
(Discusses the personalities and abilities of Stalin, Trotsky and others and the necessity of removing Stalin as General Secretary to avoid a split in the party.)

Thesis On Youth Question
(Part 2 of 4)

Farewell, Ilyich'
(Trotsky's comments on Lenin and his death.)

Volume II, Number 3, February 1932 (Full pdf version)
Young Spartacus
Published by the National Youth Committee, Communist League of America (Opposition), New York, NY

Associate Editors:

    Martin Abern
    Joseph Carter
    George Ray

For the Organization of the Chicago Students

Anti-War Conference Rally Young Workers and Students Against Militarism

Disarmament and Pacifism
(Comments on the Disarmament Conference called by the League of Nations, scheduled for Geneva 2/2/1932.)

Greetings from Spain
(Positive comments on the first issue from the Executive Committee of the Communist Opposition of Spain.)

Comrade Trotsky on the Communist Youth

Germany and Fascism
(Announces the publication of a new pamphlet by comrade Trotsky called "Germany--The Key to the International Situation.")

Young Communist Joins Left Opposition
(Letter from Norman Satir, recently expelled from Y.C.L.)

Social Basis of Crime
(In a nutshell, class, economics and the capitalist system.)

Historical Documents Russian Left Opposition Youth Thesis
(This is a section from the Platform of the Russian Bolshevik-Leninists
(Left Opposition) introduced into the Central Committee of the RCP September 1927.)

Child Labor in America

Mark Twain Two Reigns of Terror Loyalty
(Two incisive and politically astute passages from the writer supporting social justice.)

New Opposition Organs
(Y.S. welcomes the arrival of "Unser Kampf" in Yiddish and Komministes in Greek.)

Thesis on Youth Question

New York Y.P.S.L. Meet: It's Significance
(This article deals with different factions in the organization, their advocacy of varying tactics, and the growing influence of the self-styled "militant" group of the Socialist Party among the young socialists.)

Question and Answer Column-
(What are the causes of anarchy under capitalism?)
(What factors allow quick industrial development under a workers' state?)

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Volume II, Number 4, March 1932 (Full pdf version)
Young Spartacus
Published by the National Youth Committee, Communist League of America (Opposition), New York, NY

Associate Editors:

    Martin Abern
    Joseph Carter
    George Ray

Young Communist Murdered in Kentucky
(Twenty year old Harry Simms, youth organizer of the National Miners' Union was shot and killed by an agent of Kentucky coal operators.)

Fascist Danger in Germany Leon Trotsky Shows the Way to Defeat Hitlerism

N.Y. Youth Club Supports Young Spartacus

Imperialist War and the Class Struggle

In the Youth Movement Y.C.L.-Yipsels Hold Debate

The Drive of the Young Communist League
(The article discusses an upcoming membership drive, the failure of two previous drives and the reasons for the lack of success.)

Morgenstern-Goodman Jailed

Left Opposition Platform Logic of Theory of National Socialism
(A discussion of the different revolutionary tactics espoused by Stalin and Trotsky as to whether to ally with liberal/bourgeois elements and a review of how things played out in England and China.)

Karl Marx: Revolutionist

Men of England
(Poem by Shelley showing insight about class tyranny and class struggle and calling for armed revolution, - a political poem from a "romantic" poet)

Spartacan Comments- Prince of Wales Agitates the Youth
(He blames the current economic crisis on "depression and apathy" and claims the solution is "good sense and good humor.") Communism Versus Anarchism Debate The Young Spartacus
(A call for reader feedback.) International Communist Review To Be Issued N.Y. Comrades Attention
(Announces a lecture course on the true history of the Communist International by Max Shactman.)

Andres Nin Greets Young Spartacus
(Letter from a Communist from Barcelona.)

Question and Answer Column- What is socialism? What are the fundamental characteristics of the capitalist society? Who coined the expression "labor lieutenants of the capitalist class as a description of the leaders of the American Federation of Labor?

Volume II, Number 5, April 1932 (Full pdf version)
Young Spartacus
Published by the National Youth Committee, Communist League of America (Opposition), New York, NY

Associate Editors:

    Martin Abern
    Joseph Carter
    George Ray

Japan Presses for Colonization of China

Auto Workers Murdered Ford Police Shoot into Jobless Demonstration - Kill Youth

Results of the German Election
(Hindenburg wins, fascists make gains.)

Framed Marine Workers Stand Trial

Students Barred From Kentucky
(The students were attempting to do an economic survey of conditions among the miners and to aid in the distribution of relief. They were turned away by county attorneys working on behalf of mine operators, a company attorney and sheriffs.)

Scottsboro Boys Condemned to Death

Students Organize National Movement
(The National Student League)

Unit Organizer Expelled in Chicago Y.C.L.

Lewis Union Ignores Young Miners

S.Y.C. Arranges Debates
(The debates are with Y.P.S.L. and the Anarchist Youth Group "Vanguard.")

In Defense of Theft - By Jean Paul Marat
(This is a translation of a speech before the judges of the revolutionary tribunal in defense of a man who had been driven by hunger to steal.)

Trotsky Deprived of Citizenship by Stalin

Book Review- Lenin and the Imperialist War
(A review of "Socialism and War" by V. Lenin and G. Zinoviev, an explanation of the stand of the Marxists on war.)

Question and Answer Column- What is commodity production? What is social Fascism?

Capitalism and Child Labor

Spartacan Comments The March Young Spartacus
(It was 8 pages, 4 blank, but despite various speculative theories about the reason for this it was actually a printer's error. The intention is to print 8 pages in future volumes.) Our Question and Answer Column "Renegades" at Y.C.L.-Y.P.S.L. Debate

Volume II, Number 6, May 1932 (Full pdf version)
Young Spartacus
Published by the National Youth Committee, Communist League of America (Opposition), New York, NY

Associate Editors:

    Martin Abern
    Joseph Carter
    George Ray

Tom Mooney Pardon Refused

May Day 1932

Fascists Gain in Elections Communists and Socialists Suffer Defeats in Germany

Marine Workers Sentenced

May Day by V.I. Lenin

With the Spartacus Youth Clubs
(Developments in St. Louis and New York)

Columbia Univ. Students Strike
(The strike followed the expulsion of Reed Harris, the editor of the school daily paper, as a result of editorials supporting the student delegation to Kentucky, attacking the coal operators and charging the John Jay Hall, a school dining room, with mismanagement.)

Haymarket Martyrs and May Day The Teachings of Marx - by F. Engels
(A speech delivered at the burial of Karl Marx.)

The Communists and the Far East
(Comments on the Japanese occupation of Manchuria.)

On May Day
(Poem, no author attribution)

Opposition Press Drive
(Announces a fundraising drive to benefit three opposition publications including Y.S.)

Ten Years of the American Young Communist League

Volume II, Number 7, June 1932 (Full pdf version)
Young Spartacus
Published by the National Youth Committee, Communist League of America (Opposition), New York, NY

Associate Editors:

    Martin Abern
    Joseph Carter
    George Ray

Japan's War Threat to Soviet Union

Fascist Danger Grows Junker Government Prepares the Way for Hitler's Regime For Unity of Communist Ranks To the N.E.C. of the Y.C.L. To the Members of the Young Communist League

Youth Fight Against Capitalist War
("The war in Manchuria may easily become the beginning of a new World War, American capitalism is looking for a way out of the economic crisis.")

For International Coordination

Activities of Opposition Youth New York Spartacus Youth Club Young Socialists Defend View of Peaceful Development
(Description of the debate with Y.P.S.L.") Anarchist Youth Debate
(Description of the debate with young Anarchists, the Vanguard Group) Open Air Meetings Held by Youth Club

Morgenstern Goodman Released

Letter from Paris
(Report on developments in Paris and Belgium)

Students Organize to Fight Fees
(The N.Y.C. administration considers imposing tuition and other fees on City Colleges. The National Student League leads the fight against them.)

Chicago Debate Can the Socialist Party play a revolutionary role in America? YES - Young Peoples' Socialist League NO - Communist League of America (Opposition) Youth Group

On Child Labor Legislation

Book Review- Foster on Soviet America
(By William Z. Foster, the Communist Party candidate for President. The review states that "as a Stalinist, his book is permeated with the false and stupid theories of the faction to which he belongs.")

Scottsboro Boys Execution Stayed

Spartacan Comments Spanish Left Oppositionists Arrested I.L.P. Guild of Youth Convention Ivan Krueger an Example of Capitalist Genius

Appeal to the C.C. of the Soviet Union
(Excerpts from Trotsky's open letter to the C.E.C. of the U.S.S.R., on the occasion of the removal of his citizenship rights of the Soviet Union.)

For 8 Page Young Spartacus

Volume II, Number 8, July 1932 (Full pdf version)
Young Spartacus
Published by the National Youth Committee, Communist League of America (Opposition), New York, NY

Associate Editors:

    Martin Abern
    Joseph Carter
    George Ray

Young Communist League Members Expelled For Fighting Bureaucracy

1932 Election Campaign Support the Communist Party Candidates: Foster and Ford

Militant Workers Face Deportation

Veterans March on Washington

Struggle Against German Fascism

Hoover's "Pacifist" Proposals

Opposition Youth Debates YIPSELS

N.Y. Spartacus Club

National Convention of Socialist Youth

With the Int'l Opposition Youth Appeal of Spanish Comrades Letter From Spain El Soviet Greets Us Opposition Youth France-

(Poem, attributed to "B.B.")

Book Review- Trotsky on the Chinese Revolution "Problems of the Chinese Revolution" by Leon Trotsky

Toward an Eight Page Young Spartacus

Spartacan Comments- On the Spot by Ridem
(Announces a new column.) Federal Budget Deficit
(Calls for the government to help people in need instead of banks.) American Amateur Sports Mutterings

Revolution-An American Tradition

Early Development of Capitalism

Volume II, Number 9 &10, September 1932 (Full pdf version)
Young Spartacus
Published by the National Youth Committee, Communist League of America (Opposition), New York, NY

Associate Editors:

    Martin Abern
    Joseph Carter
    George Ray

On the German Battlefront

Struggle Against Imperialist War American Young Workers, Demonstrate on International Youth Day

Illinois Miners Out on Strike

The Election Show Has Started

Japan Plans for New Attacks

A Frame-up Against Left Opposition

With the Spartacus Youth Clubs N.Y. Spartacus Club Chicago Minneapolis Toronto

Remember Sacco and Vanzetti The Struggle of the Youth in Spain

N.Y. Young Dollworkers on Strike

On the German Battlefront

Trotsky Extracts on Pacifism

Historical Document- Call for the First I.Y.D.

Lenin Extracts on the War

Books by Leon Trotsky

The Origin of International Youth Day

Proletarian Youth Day
(Poem, anonymous)

The Student Review
(The article is a discussion of the problems of the National Student League, its program and tasks.)

The Eclipse Turned Into A Grand Show
(A discussion of the religious and scientific views of the phenomenon)

The Meaning of the Y.C.I. Letter to the American League

A Report on the Convention of the Young Peoples Socialist League

Y.C.L. Members! Ask Your Leaders the Following Questions

Labor Day -- Theirs and Ours
("Labor Day is the holiday of the ruling class, the capitalists. May Day is the holiday of the workers...over the entire world, to demonstrate against capitalism.")

"What Next?"
(Announcing the publication and availability of Trotsky's latest work on the situation in Germany.)

Olympics and Sports
(Discusses the Olympics as a representation of capitalist sports, and the "counter Olympic" meet organized by the Labor Sports Union.)

A Letter from Spain
(Reports on the suppression of "Joven Espartaco," the Spanish "Young Spartacus, by the government.)

An Appeal for the Spanish Youth Comrades
(Describes the contents of the first issue of "Joven Espartaco" and calls for donations.)

Volume II, Number 11, October 1932 (Full pdf version)
Young Spartacus
Published by the National Youth Committee, Communist League of America (Opposition), New York, NY

Associate Editors:

    Martin Abern
    Joseph Carter
    George Ray

Vote Communist! Support the Revolutionary Candidates, Foster and Ford, in the Coming Elections

Scottsboro Boys Appeal Case

Class Forces in Germany
(Recounting the struggles between Von Papen and Hitler.)

Miners Hold Convention in Ill.

Spartacus Youth Clubs Forge Ahead
(A description of current disagreements and conflict between the Spartacus Youth Clubs and The Y.C.L. in Montreal and New York.)

Youth and the World Anti-War Congress

Chicago Club Statement to the National Student League
(Relates to the attempt to expel "Trotskyites" from the N.S.L.)

Lytton Committee Report on Manchuria

The Revolutionary Heritage of John Reed

Book Review- History of the First International "The History of the First International" by G. Steklov, International Publishers.
(The book recounts the history, focusing on the conflict between the Marxists and the anarchists.)

The Young Guards
(Poem, no author attribution)

Campaign Against Opposition Youth
(Describes the Chicago Y.C.L. campaign against the Chicago Spartacus Youth Club.)

News Snaps of the Month Another Frame-Up
("Another Harlan Kentucky miner has been found guilty of conspiracy to murder a deputized company gunman and sentenced to serve life in prison.") Illinois Student Strike
(High school students in Kincaid Illinois struck in sympathy with their fathers who are striking for an increase in coal-mining wages from $5.00 to $6.10 a day.) Foreign visiting Students
(The U.S. Labor Department ruled last month that foreign students admitted to study at U.S. Colleges and Universities are barred from working their way through these institutions.) N.Y. Comrades in Illinois Mine Field

School Organized by Left Opposition
(The school, the International Workers School, will open with four classes in N.Y.C.)

Young Spartacus
(Plans called for an 8 page October issue but due to is four. The November issue is planned as an 8 pager. Send money in the form of donations and subs to help this happen. Write for YS.)

Volume II, Number 12, November 1932 (Full pdf version)
Young Spartacus
Published by the National Youth Committee, Communist League of America (Opposition), New York, NY

Associate Editors:

    Martin Abern
    Joseph Carter
    George Ray

Scottsboro Big Victory
(7 out of 9 U.S. Supreme Court justices ruled the trial was unfair for a number of reasons.) Hail Red Russia! Workers Celebrate Fifteenth Anniversary of Soviet Rule

Youth Rallies to Miners' Relief

Organization Notes- New Spartacus Clubs Formed
(The article describes the formation and activities of new clubs in Minneapolis, Toronto, and Chicago. It also describes the activities and plans of the N.Y. club, comrade Joe Carter's speech to the Bronx YPSLs, and an upcoming Spartacus-YPSL debate on whether Socialism or Communism is better for the working class.)

The meaning of the Democratic Landslide

More Expulsions in the Chicago Y.C.L.

Children March on Washington

Illinois Miners in Struggle
(22,000 rank and file coal miners form the Progressive Miners Union of America, breaking with John L. Lewis and the United Mine Workers of America and its corrupt and collaborationist tactics. The article recounts the events leading up to this development.)

Students' Protest Movement Grows
(The City College of N.Y. dismisses Oakley Johnson, an instructor, for championing student rights and supporting the Communist Party. Close to a 1,000 students protest the expulsion and some are arrested and/or beaten by police.)

Two Anti-War Conferences Called
(There is one in Chicago sponsored by the National Student League and presumably supported by the Y.C.L. The other one will be held in New York and is supported by Yipsels and other Pacifist and Liberal Youth organizations. The Spartacus Youth Clubs will participate in both with the aim of creating a united front against war and drawing a sharp line between the revolutionary and the Pacifist manner of fighting wars.)

Chen Du-Hsui
(Chen Du-Hsui, the founder of the Chinese Communist Party and leader of the Left Opposition, has been arrested and imprisoned by the Chiang Kai-Shek regime. The article calls for his unconditional release and asks for support from the Communist Party and the Young Communist League.)

Lenin Marxism and Revolutionary Tactics
(A reprint of an article written before the November 1917 revolution and criticizing the "old Bolsheviks," which meant the entire central committee of the Bolshevik party, particularly Kamenev and Zinoviev.)

Book Review- "What Next?" by Leon D. Trotsky
(The book is primarily devoted to a criticism of the mistakes and blunders of Thaelmanns and Remmeles, leaders of the German Communist Party.)

Canadian Students Organize League Student Notes
(The revolutionary students of Canada have Organized "The Student League of Canada" with a newspaper called "The Spark" as its official organ.)

Eugene Victor Debs - American Revolutionist
(By Joseph Carter)

Trotsky on Debs

L. D. Trotsky 53 Years

The Master Class Celebrates Armistice Day
(The article discussed capitalist hypocrisy and its effects on the occasion of the celebration of the "war to end all wars.")

The Permanent Revolution
(Trotsky on the doctrine of "permanent revolution.")

With the Left Communist Youth of Other Lands Letter From France Belgium, Germany, Spain, Greece, France
(Updates on the status and activities of the left opposition and other leftist groups in these countries.)

Child Health Under Bosses' Rule
(A N.Y. Times article quotes the Health Department of N.Y.C. stating that over 20% of school children are malnourished and there are increasing health problems with rickets, scurvy, anemia and resistance to infectious diseases.)

Leon Trotsky "Problems of the Development of the U.S.S.R."
(A pamphlet that deals with the "Economic Contradictions of the Transition Period" and other problems.)

Justice Triumphs -- A Story by Harry Ross
(A story about "justice" in capitalist society.)

The Downfall of the Family
(This article examines the accusations that Communists wish to destroy the family and advances the thesis that the harsh economic conditions created by capitalist exploitation are what really destroys families.)

On the Defense of the Soviet Union
(A quote from Trotsky about how the defense of the Soviet Union is the "elementary and indisputable duty of every revolutionary worker.")

The Situation in Germany
(A report on the violent feud between Hitler's Nazis and Von Pappen's Nationalists, stating that the danger of an attempted Hitler coup is as great as ever, maybe greater. The Communists gain in the November 6 election.) Hunger March London--Wash.

Greet 4th Anniversary of the Militant

December -- One Year of The Young Spartacus

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