The History of British Trotskyism to 1949

Martin Upham
September 1980



I. Introduction: Trotsky and the British Labour Movement in the 1920s

PART ONE (1929–1938)

II. Organised Trotskyism to the Formation of the British Section
(1929–November 1931).

III. The British Section of the Left Opposition
(November 1931–December 1933)

IV. The Marxist Group in the ILP

V. The Communist League and the Marxist League
(January 1934–October 1937)

VI. Trotskyism and British Responses to the Moscow Trials

VII. The Bolshevik-Leninists and the Militant Group

VIII. Unity


PART TWO (1938–1944)

IX Applying the Military Policy

X. The RSL in Unity and Disunity
(September 1938–March 1944)

XI. The Growth of Workers International League and its Industrial Agitation


PART THREE (1944–1949)

XII. The RCP and the Fourth International (1944–1947)

XIII. Trotskyism in Practice
(The RCP 1944–1947).

XIV. Last Rites
(The RCP 1947–1949)

XV. Conclusion


A. A Note on British Trotskyists and Spain.

F. Trotskyism and the ILP


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