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As Alex Callinicos is still alive, this index is not an attempt to make a complete archive of his work. Its purpose is to provide an index of works by Alex Callinicos included in various parts of the MIA and ETOL.


April 1973: African Liberation Movements (book review)

December 1974: Black Star (book review)

February 1975: The Student Movement Today (with Simon Turner)

May 1975: In the Eye of the Storm (book review)

November 1975: Angola – A New Congo?

November 1975: Memoirs of a Revolution (book review)

January 1976: Language, Truth and Politics (book review)

January 1976: Minding Their Own Business (book review)

February 1976: Southern Africa – The Great Carve-Up

March 1976: Southern Africa – The Melting Pot

July 1976: Assault on Marx’s Theory of Value (extended book review)

July 1976: The Soweto Uprising

November 1976: Class, Race and Gold (book review)

November 1976: Southern Africa – Kissinger’s Carve-up

February 1977: The Socialist Register 1976 (book review)

February 1977: Underconsumption Theories (book review)

March 1977: Alan Fisher, NUPE and the New Reformism

March 1977: The Legacy of Rosa Luxemburg (book review)

April 1977: A New Road for the Communist Party?

May 1977: Guide to Reading – Antonio Gramsci

June 1977: Considerations on Western Marxism (book review)

June 1977: Revolutionary Strategy in Britain

July 1977: Editorial, International Socialism 100

September 1977: In Defence of Violence (with Alastair Hatchett)

September 1977: On the Dictatorship of the Proletariat (book review)

October 1977: Academic Muddles (book review)

November 1977: Soviet Power

November 1977: Guide to Reading on the Russian Revolution

January 1978: The Fire This Time

January 1978: Marxist Theory in Britain (book review)

January 1978: Prophet of Boom (book review)

Autumn 1978: Marx’s Capital and Capitalism Today – A critique (extended book review)

November 1978: Who is in control? (book review)

December 1978: Blacks arise (book review)

February 1979: The Ingredient of Humanity (book review)

Summer 1979: Maoism, Stalinism and the Soviet Union (book review)

Autumn 1979: On the perspectives of the Fourth International (with Pete Goodwin)

Winter 1979: The Fourth International’s XIth World Congress (with Pete Goodwin, as SWP Visitors to the Congress)

Summer 1980: Southern Africa after Zimbabwe (with John Rogers)

Winter 1980: Cuba, socialism and the Third World (with P. Binns & M. Gonzalez)

Winter 1981: Politics or Abstract Propagandism?

Spring 1981: Wage Labour and State Capitalism – a reply to Peter Binns and Mike Haynes

Spring 1982: Trotsky’s Theory of Permanent Revolution and Its Relevance to the Third World Today

Autumn 1982: The Rank-and-File Movement Today

October 1982: The lost opportunity (book review)

Spring 1983: Marxism and philosophy – a reply to Peter Binns

Summer 1983: The ‘New Middle Class’ and Socialist Politics

September 1983: The Revolutionary Road to Socialism (book)

Winter 1984: Their Trotskyism and Ours

Spring 1984: Perry Anderson and ‘Western Marxism’

May 1984: Pickets and ballots

Summer 1984: Party and class before 1917

September 1984: One party states

October 1984: Blacks shake apartheid

October 1984: The Rule of the Saints – Christopher Hill and the English Revolution (book review)

1985: The Great Strike (book, with Mike Simons)

Summer 1985: The politics of Marxism Today

July 1985: The mask of anarchy (book review)

September 1985: Politics of the ANC

September 1985: The respectable renegade (book review)

September 1985: South Africa – Between reform and revolution?

Winter 1987: Comments on Base and Superstructure

Winter 1987: Looking for alternatives to reformism

Summer 1987: A rejoinder to Wood

December 1987: Hobsbawm’s history (book review)

December 1987: South Africa’s Urban Struggle (book review)

June 1988: Storms that sank the slavers (book review)

May 1989: End of hard reign?

Summer 1989: Bourgeois Revolutions and Historical Materialism

June 1989: Donkey jacket to dust jacket (book review)

September 1989: A.J. Ayer – Out of time (obituary)

September 1989: Revising the revolution (book review)

December 1989: European Culture – Horrible Heritage

February 1990: A third road? (book review)

September 1990: This year’s model

Spring 1991: Marxism and imperialism today

Spring 1991: An open letter to New Left Review (with Paul Foot, Mike Gonzalez, Chris Harman & John Molyneux)

Summer 1992: Race and class

October 1993: An active process

October 1993: Dance of death (book review)

March 1994: Innocent parties (film review)

April 1994: South Africa – power to the people?

Summer 1994: Crisis and class struggle in Europe today

July 1994: Profane illuminations (film review)

September 1994: Method in his madness (book review)

October 1994: False consciousness (obituary)

November 1994: Struggling through the fog (book review)

December 1994: Historic compromises – South Africa

December 1994: Righteous republicans (book review)

March 1995: Right on target (book review)

Spring 1995: Backward to liberalism (extended book review)

Spring 1995: Hope against the Holocaust (extended book review)

May 1995: Community without care

May 1995: Misunderstanding Capitalism

March 1996: South Africa after Apartheid

April 1996: New Labour or socialism? (pamphlet)

June 1996: Darwin, materialism and evolution (extended book review)

September 1996: Betrayal and Discontent – Labour under Blair

December 1996: State in Debate (extended book review)

March 1997: Minds, Machines and Evolution – A Reply to John Parrington and Joe Faith

July 1997: Europe – The Mounting Crisis

March 1998: The Secret of the Dialectic (extended book review)

Winter 1998: World Capitalism at the Abyss

February 1999: Marx – Hit and Myth

Winter 1999: Reformism and class polarisation in Europe

2001: Plumbing the Depths: Marxism and the Holocaust

Autumn 2001: Toni Negri in perspective

October 2002: Duncan Hallas – Thinker, orator, revolutionary (obituary)

Winter 2002: The grand strategy of the American empire

June 2004: A True Leveller (obituary)

January 2005: Can we change the world without taking power? (with John Holloway) (debate)

Autumn 2005: Imperialism and global political economy

Spring 2006: Making sense of imperialism

Summer 2007: At an impasse? Anti-capitalism and the social forums today (with Chris Nineham)

Autumn 2008: Where is the radical left going?

Spring 2009: An apologist with insights (book review)

Spring 2009: Revolutionary paths

November 2009: Chris Harman 1942–2009 (obituary)

November 2009: Julie Waterson (1958–2012) – our most fearless fighter (obituary)

Autumn 2010: Austerity politics (as AC)

Winter 2011: Revolutionary paths (book review)

Spring 2011: The return of the Arab revolution

Spring 2011: The radical left and the crisis

Summer 2011: Unsteady as she goes

Summer 2011: The crisis of our time

Winter 2012: The crisis wears on

Spring 2012: France: anti-capitalist politics in crisis

Spring 2012: Rumours of crisis, revolution and war

Summer 2012: Daniel Bensaïd and the broken time of politics

Summer 2012: The second coming of the radical left

Autumn 2012: Narrowing the bounds of the possible – the US election

Winter 2013: British sounds

Winter 2013: The dynamics of revolution

Spring 2013: Economic blues

Summer 2013: Where is the British left going?

Autumn 2013: The politics of the SWP crisis (with Charlie Kimber)

Autumn 2013: Can we move forward? (with Charlie Kimber)

Autumn 2013: Spectres of counter-revolution

Winter 2014: The left after Grangemouth

Spring 2014: Continuing the discussion

Spring 2014: Imperial Delusions

Spring 2014: Stuart Hall in perspective

Summer 2014: Nemesis in Iraq

Summer 2014: Thunder on the left

Autumn 2014: Towards the break-up of Britain?

Autumn 2014: The multiple crises of imperialism

Autumn 2014: A revolutionary impatience

October 2014: Bassem Chit (1979–2014) (obituary)

Winter 2015: Anti-politics and the social illusion

Winter 2015: Britain and the crisis of the neoliberal state

February 2015: Syriza and Socialist Strategy (debate, with Stathis Kouvelakis)

Spring 2015: The interminable catastrophe

Spring 2015: On the situation in the Middle East today

Summer 2015: Fighting the Last War

Summer 2015: And now the British question

Autumn 2015: The internationalist case against the European Union

Autumn 2015: Two faces of reformism

Winter 2016: Resisting the long war

Spring 2016: Intimations of mortality

Summer 2016: David Cameron’s cunning plan goes awry

Autumn 2016: Brexit – a world-historic turn (post-Brexit update of previous document)

Autumn 2016: Marx deflated (extended book review)

Autumn 2016: Widening fractures

Winter 2017: The end of the world news

Sprimg 2017: The neoliberal order begins to crack

Summer 2017: Corbyn justified, May humbled – the left advances

Autumn 2017: Morbid symptoms

Autumn 2017: The orphaned revolution – the meaning of October 1917

Winter 2018: Europe – the cracking centre

Winter 2018: Zimbabwe after Mugabe

Spring 2018: Marx’s politics

Spring 2018: Trump gets serious

Summer 2018: Darkening prospects

Autumn 2018: Legends of the fall

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