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Dobbs Denounces Strikebreaking of “Czar” Beck

(20 August 1948)

Source: The Militant, Vol. 12 No. 35, 30 August 1948, p. 3.
Transcription & Mark-up: Einde O’ Callaghan for the Encyclopaedia of Trotskyism On-Line (ETOL).

SEATTLE, Oct. 20 [sic!] — Farrell Dobbs’ appearance in Seattle provoked screams of rage from Dave Beck, Washington Czar of the Teamsters and second in command to Daniel Tobin.

The headline over a front page editorial of The Washington Teamster, Beck’s personal organ says, Commies at it again! Farrell Dobbs in Seattle to Foment Labor Trouble.

Full of bile, Beck takes full credit “for heading the movement which ousted the Dobbs and the Dunns and started them on the trail to the federal penitentiary.”

But Beck reveals what he is really frightened over when he says that Dobbs is taking the lead in the fight against the strikebreaking jurisdictional raiding of the Boeing union which Beck falsely claims was decreed by the AFL.

The same afternoon Dobbs spoke over the radio and related the entire strikebreaking record of Beck and Tobin from the Minneapolis struggle to the Boeing strike. He told how the Washington State AFL had condemned Beck, how unions and students had demanded Beck’s removal from the Board of Regents at the University of Washington and how a revolt was stirring among the rank and file of the teamsters union against Beck.

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