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Biography – Obituary from SF Chronicle


Support the Rubber Workers!, February 1936

American Labor at a Glance, February 1936

Trade Union Problems, January 1940 (PDF of original pamphlet)

Industrial Unionism and Labor Unity, May 1940

Roosevelt Ready to Spike Walsh-Healey Act, May 1940

Trade Union Notes (column), May 1940

The Two-a-Week Is a Political Necessity – We MUST Have It!, May 1940

FBI and the Unions, June 1940

Funds Are Needed to Safeguard Trotsky from Further Attacks (with James P. Cannon), July 1940

Lewis’ Politics Bolder But Same ‘Run-a-Round’ as Green’s, July 1940

Phil Murray, Steel Bosses, All Democrats – Whose Voice Does Their Party Listen To?, July 1940

The Unions and Politics, July 1940

Labor and the Elections, August 1940

6-Hour Day Would Boost Steel Employment One-Third, August 1940

Trade Union Notes – 1 (column), August 1940

Trade Union Notes – 2 (column), August 1940

What Methods Shall the Union Follow in Steel?, August 1940

What Will Happen to the Union Drive in Steel?, August 1940

Trade Union Notes – 1 (column), November 1940

Trade Union Notes – 2 (column), November 1940

Trade Union Notes – 3 (column), November 1940

AFL and CIO Conventions, December 1940

Trade Union Notes – 1 (column), December 1940

Trade Union Notes – 2 (column), December 1940

Trade Union Notes (column), January 1941

Speech to the Truckdrivers, June 1941

Trotsky Memorial Speech, August 1941

A Farewell to Grant Dunne – Worker-Warrior, October 1941 (funeral oration)

Speech at New York Rally for Released Minneapolis Prisoners, February 1945

Dobbs Blasts Boss Parties in Election, June 1945

Don’t Play with Rattlesnakes, August 1946

New York Democrats, Republicans and ALP Stage “3-Ring Political Circus,” Says Farrell Dobbs, September 1946

“Why We Support the Striking Seamen and New York Truckdrivers”, September 1946

‘End Capitalism to Stop War’ – Dobbs<, May 1948

Housing – A Capitalist Crime, Dobbs Tells Senate Hearing, May 1948

Murray Red-baiting Hits New Low at Convention of Steelworkers, May 1948

Farrell Dobbs’ Talk Over ABC Radio Network, June 1948

“For a Workers and Farmers Government”, July 1948

Socialism or Barbarism, July 1948

Labor Needs Its Own Party, July 1948

Our Civil Rights Are in Danger!, July 1948

Denounces Smith-Act Arrests, July 1948

Letter to Attorney General, July 1948

SWP Offers CP United Front on Smith Act, July 1948

The Voice of Socialism, August 1948 (with Grace Carlson & James P. Cannon) (PDF of original pamphlet)

Congress Plays Football with People’s Needs, August 1948

Exposes Truman on Inflation, August 1948

Dobbs Brands Beck ‘Traitor’ for Scabbery, August 1948

Building the Party in Montana, August 1948

Wallace Demagogy on Capitalism Exposed by Dobbs, August 1948

Labor Day Message, August 1948 (with Grace Carlson)

My Visit in Seattle, August 1948

Dobbs Denounces Strikebreaking of “Czar” Beck, August 1948

A Week in the Twin Cities, September 1948

Dobbs Calls on Wallace to Back 18, September 1948

SWP Blasts CIO Chiefs for Supporting Truman, September 1948 (with Grace Carlson)

Pitching for Socialism, September 1948

On Truman’s Trail, September 1948

Dobbs Recalls Fight of Debs Against War in Canton Radio Talk, September 1948

Addressing the NAACP, September 1948

SWP Candidates Blast Truman’s Demagogy; Urge Labor Congress, September 1948 (with Grace Carlson)

Marxism vs. US Social Democracy, October 1948

Radio Audience Hears Dodds at Connecticut State SWP Convention, October 1948

Marshall Plots Deal with Franco, October 1948 (with Grace Carlson)

Dobbs, Carlson Lash War-Mongers, October 1948 (with Grace Carlson)

SWP Letter to Harry Truman Denounces Political Blacklist, October 1948

The Home Stretch, October 1948

SWP Western Campaign, October 1948

Dobbs Asks Interview with Truman, October 1948 (with Peyton Ford)

Campaign Highlights, October 1948

Oppose the Warmakers on Nov. 2!, October 1948 (with Grace Carlson)

Campaign Highlights, October 1948

Fight for Socialism Will Go On, Says Dobbs in Final Radio Appeal, October 1948

Farrell Dobbs Pledges Continued Struggle for Socialist America, November 1948

Truman Liberals on Display – The Humphrey Dinner, December 1948

Health Policies – Capitalist and Socialist, December 1948

The Plight of the Aged, December 1948

Letter to Gerry Healy, December 8 1954: Documents of the International Committee of the Fourth International

Letter to Gerard Bloch, February 12 1955: Documents of the International Committee of the Fourth International

The Auto Settlement and the General Labor Situation July 23, 1955, Digest of Discussion Presentation at New York Membership Meeting) (PDF of original pamphlet)

Class Reality in America, Fall 1959 (book review)

The 1960 Elections, Spring 1960

Political Report to the June 1961 SWP Convention [reprinted from SWP Discussion Bulletin, Vol. 22 No. 19, September 1961]

The Cuba Crisis: The Week of the Brink, 9 November 1962 (transcript of a speech)

Reunification of the Fourth International, Fall 1963, with Joseph Hansen

Hoffa and the Teamsters, Summer 1966 (extended book review)

Meany vs. Reuther: Basic Issues Reflected, January 1967

Trends in the Trade Unions, May-June 1968 [Original PDF]

The Structure and Organizational Principles of the Party, August 1970

San Francisco Chronicle obituary of Farrell Dobbs, November 2, 1983.


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