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Gerry Healy

We shall handle the parity commission
question as you suggest

Letter from Gerry Healy to Farrell Dobbs (excerpt )

Written: 11 January, 1955.
Source: Struggle in the Fourth International, International Committee Documents 1954–1963, Volume 1, page 7. Education for Socialists bulletin; issued by the National Education Department of the Socialist Workers Party (US). No copyright.
Transcription/Proofing: David Walters and Andy Pollack.
HTML Markup: David Walters.
Public Domain: Encyclopedia of Trotskyism On-Line 2005. This work is completely free to copy and distribute. Please cite the Encyclopepedia of Trotskyism On-Line if the contents herein are reproduced.

Dear Farrell,

I have received your letter, the greetings to our conference, and the enclosed note on Tribune many thanks.

As far as I can see your letter on the tactics to be employed against the Pabloites coincide with our basic opinions here. We should commence a discussion on international perspectives within the International Committee as soon as possible when you get the draft ready. Ceylon is a special problem and whilst everyone is aware of their shortcomings it should be clear that we must leave no stone unturned to win them to our side. This is a mass party in a most important colonial sector, and for us it poses a major problem requiring great patience and tact.

Whilst I know there is complete understanding between us on this matter, it is not the case amongst our French comrades who proceed in a somewhat sectarian way on this matter. We have extremely friendly relations with the Ceylon comrades in this section and their treatment of our struggle is much appreciated.

You can rest assured that we shall handle the parity commission as you suggest. We will waste no time on this question.

Comradely, Jerry

P.S. I have just read the statements on the internal situation. It seems to me that the party has measured up to its responsibilities very well.

Everyone knows what terrible conditions you work under. During the last two years you have had to lead the fight on Pabloism, in addition to building a new team of leaders. These factors are undoubtedly behind some of the difficulties. This is a time for everyone to keep steady hands on the wheel of leadership I am sure this will be done.

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