La Révolution Surréaliste 1925

Children’s Dreams

Source: La Revolution Surrealiste, yr 1, no. 3, April 15, 1925;
Translated: for by Mitchell Abidor;
CopyLeft: Creative Commons (Attribute & ShareAlike) 2012.

Collombet (10 years old) – A skeleton tells me: “I want to take you because you've been living a long time, little one. I'm going to get a pitchfork to take you to the devil.” Once we reached the devil there wasn’t room for me. The devil says: “Since there’s not enough room I'm going to swallow you.” I saw a bunch of children in the devil’s stomach. But the devil says: “I can’t breathe anymore.” And he says to me: “Get out of my belly, little monster, and go back to the earth.” The skeleton returns to tell me I had to wake up. My dream ended.

Duval (11 years old): I once dreamed that I was in my room. Suddenly, my boots glided across the floor and climbed the wall. When they reached the top of the wall I shouted: “Send me post cards!” And when they'd climbed to the top I suddenly saw on the wall red devils with long ears. They shoved me and jumped up and down on the bed. One of them sat on the chair. The chair turns to the wall and the red devil is carried to the wall and the other to the floor. The devil climbs the wall. I grab a towel and toss it to him. He takes it and leaves.

Lazare (11 years old): One day I dreamed that a dog came looking for me to kill rats. I took a wooden shoe and slammed it on the rat, which was killed. The dog then took the rat and buried it in the ground and placed yellow flowers and faded roses on it, which he watered with his pee-pee.