MIA: History: International: Communist International: The Communist International Vol. 10, 1933]

Workers of the World Unite!
The Communist International
Organ of the Executive Committee of the Communist International
Published twice a month in English, Russian, German, French, Chinese and Spanish
Volume 10, 1933

The following numbers are those of the journal, The Communist Internatonal for 1933 . No Editors Listed. All were published – the Communist Party of Great Britain at 16 King Street, London, WC2.

Note regarding v0lume names:

the First Series of Communist International bore no name or v0lume number. It includes issues numbers 1 - 30. Published in London 1919 - Early 1924. it is often referred to as the “Original Series”or as the “Old Series”. the latter because the next series is officially called the “New Series”. We are calling this volume 1 in the file names of the pdf files provided here.

The Second Series of Communist International stated on it that it was the “New Series”. It includes issues numbers 1-23. This spans early 1924 through early 1926. we are noting it as “New Series” in the v0lume names (because it calls itself that in print), but also calling “Volume 2”.

After that, the Communist International began assigning volume numbers to subsequent runs of issue numbers. Starting with Volume 3 for October, November, and December of 1926. Hence our back-numbering of Volume 2 and Volume 1. It Wasn’t Until Volume 8, 1931, that a given v0lume number was assigned to a single year of publication of CI.

Here is a text file Listing the series / volume numbers and dates of issues of CI.

Note: things get a bit muddled after 1934, when ci began to be published both in London and in New York City, with different content in same numbered issues, and even different issue numbers. Our listing is primarily if not entirely of the London-published issues.

Page number for each article are given where available

Pamphlets and Publications Material From the Communist Party of Great Britain that were advertised in the pages of the Communist International. Digitized as part of this project.

Volume 11, 1934 for the Entire Year
PDFs of Issues

Number 1 January 15, 1933

3 Carrying Out the Decisions of the XII Plenum of the E.C.C.I.
    (Experience of the Communist Parties of Mid-Europe) 9 Twelfth Party Congress in Britain Marks New Turn to Bolshevik Mass Work – Harry Pollitt
17 The Adoption of a Fighting Tactical Line – A. Martynov
26 Unleash the Proletarian Rebellion!
    Organise the Counter-Offensive of the Proletariat !
    (Speech lo XII. Plenum E.C.C.I.) – E. Thalmann

Number 2 February 1, 1933

1. Examples of Bolshevist Work and Revolutionary Struggle
2. Great Britain, U.S.A. and the War in South America – Sinani
3. Vital Problems of Our Work Within the Reformist Trade Unions – S. Perevosnikov
4. The Development of the Communist Movement in India – Valia
5. Party Discipline in the Light of the Decisions of the XII. Plenum of the E.C.C.I. – O. Bever

Number 3-4 February 15, 1933

Special Double Number

—Unpublished Manuscripts of Karl Marx—
—Stalin: Results of 5-Year Plan—

91 For Marxist-Leninist Theory
106 The Results of the First Five-Year Plan
    (Report delivered at the Joint Plenum of the C.C. and the Central Control Commission
     of the C.P.S. U . (b) January 7th, 1933) – J. STALIN
124 Mr. Campbell Exaggerates (Reprinted from the “Bolshevik” No. 22) J. Stalin
127 Which Way Out? S. Gussev
134 Lenin, Luxembourg, Liebknecht – A. Martynov

—5oth Anniversary of Death of Karl Marx—
143 Editorial Note
143 From Marx-Engels-Lenin Institute
143 Questionnaire for Workers – Karl Marx
147 The “Questionnaire for Workers” of Karl Marx – A. C. Bernstein

Number 5-6 March 14, 1933

Special Double Marx Jubilee Number
Unpublished Mss. Of Karl Marx.
Dutt: Marxism and Labourism.

151 Workers of the World, Unite!
     (Declaration of the E.C.C.l. on the 50th anniversary of death of Karl Marx)
156 50th Anniversary of the Death of Karl Marx
     (a) Report of the General Cowzcil-To the Fourth Amzual Congress of the international Working Men’s Association (Basle)
162 (b) Official Report-Of the London General Council read at the Public Session of the International Congress (Hague)

Editorial Note – Marx-Engels-Lenin Institute

The “Report of the General Council” to the IV Congress of the lntematio1zal Working Men’s Association is reprinted from the printed report. Published in English bv the General Council in London. Tlze Congress took place in Basle, in 186g, September 6th-11th.
The “Official Report of the London General Council,” was read to the Public Session of the International Congress. The translation is from the original German pamphlet, published in Brunswick. The Congress took place at The Hague, in 1872, September 2nd-7th.
166 The Barometer Indicates Storm – W. Knorin
172 The Present World Crisis in the Light of Marx’s Teachings – M. Joleson
179 Marxism and Labourism – R. Palme Dutt
190 Marx and the Unity of the Working Class – Andre Marty
197 “Marx and Modernity ” – and the Social Democratic Worker – Karl Bremer

Number 7 April 15, 1933

211 The Collapse of Weimar Germany and the Preparations for the German October
219 50th Anniversary of the Death of Karl Marx
     Letter to Proudhon, 1846
     Letter to Kottgen, 1846
     At The Fountain Head of the International Communist Movement L. Perchik
225 The League of Nations and the War of Japan in China – L. Madyar
230 The Development of the Communist Movement in India – Valia (Conclusiou from No. 2).
236 Questions of Concrete and Operative Party Leadership – O. Bever
240 Our Martyrs

Number 8 May 1, 1933

243 Resolution on Situation in Germany
246 Wels and Leipart on Their Knees in the Third Empire.
252 The Communist Parties in the Capitalist Countries in the Struggle for the United Front. – O. Piatnitsky
257 The Struggle of the British Unemployed and Some Lessons of the February 5th Demonstration. – R. M. White
260 The Tasks of the c.p. Of U.S.A. In the Struggle for Social Insurance. – Gusev
266 The Intensification of the Financial Crisis and the World Economic War – Shubin
274 The Results of the Elections in the Irish Free State and the Tasks of the Irish Communists. – T. Bell
278 The Constituent Congress of the Irish Communist Party. Seumas MacKee

Number 9 May 15, 1933

283 German Fascism and the German Proletariat
288 The Intensification of the Versailles Antagonisms and the Menace of a New Imperialist War – N. Rudolph
295 The Struggle for the United Front in Czecho-Slovakia – Koehler
302 New Developments in the Revolutionary Crisis in China – P. Mif
310 Kuomintangjs New Methods of Provocation
313 Marx and Engels on Ireland – K. Antonova
322 The Constituent Congress of the Irish Communist Party (Conclusion) – Seumas MacKee

Number 10 June 1, 1933

327 WHy Hitler in Germany? Fritz Heckert (Report to E.C.C.I.)
338 The I.L.P. Changes Its Line – William Rust
343 The Second Collapse of the Second International – Bela Kun (Part I.)
350 The German Communist Party in the Struggle Against the Fascist Dictatorship – S. Schwab
356 Down With the Bourgeois-Landlord Monarchy! Down With Bourgeois Class Justice! – Haku Sano

Number 11 June 15, 1933

363 Letter of the E.C.C.I. to the I.L.P.
363 Hot-Beds of Imperialist War and Intervention
368 Political Lessons of the First of May.
374 The Interventionist Campaign of the Diehards and Proletarian Resistance in England. – Pat Divine
379 The Amsterdam International. The Fall of the a.d.g.b. And the Tasks of the Communists
385 The Constitution for the Enslavement of the Indian People and the Policy of the Indian Bourgeoisie – Valia
391 National Problems in China. – George Safarov
400 Decision of the International Control Commission in the Matter of Felix Wolf and Erich Wollenberg

Number 12 June 22, 1933

404 To the Memory of Comrade Gussev
406 The Struggle of the Communist Party in Germany – F. Heckert
417 Hawaii, the Strategic Knot of the Pacific – Sen Katayama
425 The Second Collapse of the Second International – Bella Kun
434 The Foreign Policy of German Fascism and War Preparations Against the U.S.S.R. – N. Rudolph

Number 13, July 1, 1933

443 Against Imperialist War
445 The International Struggle Against Fascism
448 Prohibition of Austrian Communist Party
451 A Great Victory of the Chinese Red Army – Wan-Min
461 New Attack of the Second International on the U.S.S.R. – Bela Kun
465 The Plenum of the Central Committee of the Dutch Communist Party
468 Clara Zetkin, The Fighter for the Proletarian World Revolution !

Number 14 July 15, 1933

471 Letter From the Comintern to the British I.L.P.
473 Fenner Brockway Drops His Mask – W. Kust
477 The Anti-Soviet Policy of British Imperialism and the Protest Movement of the English Proletariat – Harry Pollitt
482 British Imperialism, Fascism and the Antisoviet Campaign – R. Palme Dutt
489 Lenin on the Coming New World War – Madyar

Number 15, August 1, 1933

495 The London Conference and the New Phase in the Economic War
506 Japanese Imperialism and War – Sen Katayama
511 The Growth of Imperialist Armaments – S. Dashinsky

Number 16 August 15, 1933

519 Concerning Social-Fascist Smugglers and the Heroes of an Historic Falsification
524 The Conditions of Admission Into the Communist International Adopted at the II Congress of the Comintern and the Cleansing of the Ranks of the Communist Parties – O. Piatnitsky
536 Arthur Henderson, an Incarnation of National-Labourism – G. Safarov
545 The Bourgeoisie of the U.S.A. Put Their Stake on War – P. Shubin
551 The Chief Obstacles to the Work of the Communist Party of Czecho-Slovakia – G. Smolyansky

Number 17 September 1, 1933

559 The Second Congress of the R.S.D.L.P. And International Social-Democracy – V. Knorin
566 How the Leaders of the I.L.P. Sabotage the United Front – William Rust
570 Some Questions of the Work of the C.P. U.S.A. – Green
575 The Problem of the Increase in Chronic Unemployment – E. Varga
479 On the Question of the Leadership of Strikes – I. Aronsky
587 The Growth of Imperialist Armaments – S. Dashinsky

Number 18 September 15, 1933

591 How the Labour Lieutenants of the Bourgeoisie “Fight” Against Fascism
596 The Roosevelt Programme of Attack on the Working Class – Vern Smith
604 The Norwegian Accomplices of Fenner Brockway and Co. – Arvid Hansen
612 the Political Sjtuation in China and the Tasks of the Communist Party in China – Kon-Sin
620 Revolutionary Events in Cuba and the Tasks of the Communist Party

Number 19 October 1, 1933

631 On the Defence of Soviet China Against Imperialist Intervention
634 Leipzig-A Grandiose Provocation of the Bloody Fascist Dictatorship
640 Some Features of the Development of Fascism in England – R. M. White
656 Will British Trade Unions Go the German Road? Bv R. Palme Dutt
652 The Extraordinary Conference of the c.p. Of the u.s.A. – N. Stanton
658 The Rice Riots of 1918 in Japan – Sen Katayama

Number 20 October 15, 1933

—The ILP and the Comintern—
667 Hearty Greetings to Comrade D. Z. Manuilsky, One of the Most Prominent Leaders of the World Communist M.Vement, on His Fiftieth Birthday
L.P. And the Comintern
670 Note to the Letters Published
672 The Reply of the British ILP To the Comintern
673 To the Independent Labour Party
677 The Agitational Work of the C.P.G.B.
683 The London “Daily Worker” – W. Rust
687 The Roosevelt Programme of Industrial “Recovery”
687 Our Attitude to the Social-Fascist Boycott Campaign
700 A New Phase in the Revolutionary Events in Cuba – G. Sinani

Number 21 November 1, 1933

—Special Anniversary Issue—
16th Anniversary of October and the 15th Anniversary of the German Revolution

707 The Struggle for Power: The 16th anniversary of the October Revolution in the U.S.S.R. and the 15th anniversary of the November Revolution in Germany
716 The Year Which Has Passed Since the Twelfth Plenum of the E.C.C.I. And the Struggle of The C.P.G.B. – Harry Pollitt
—For Bolshevik Clarity, for a Mass Party Press—
726 Review of the “Daily Worker” U.S.A.
     (In the order of checking up the carrying out of the tasks put before the Communist Party of the U.S.A. – the E.C.C.I.)
—The Victories of the First Year of the Second Five-Year Plan—
740 Socialist Industry on the Eve of the Sixteenth Anniversary of the October Revolution – M. Tsaguria
750 The Struggle of the Party for Bolshevik Collective Farms, for Well-to-Do Collective Farmers – Nikulikhin
—The Struggle for Power and Questions of Armed Uprising—
760 Lessons of the Hamburg Rising – V. Palmberg (Tenth anniversary of the Armed Insurrection in Hamburg)
767 The Growth of the Communist Party in Kuomintang China – Kon Sin

Number 22 November 15, 1933

771 To the Workers and Collective Farmers of the Soviet Union, the Toilers and Oppressed of the Capitalist World !
774 The Present Situation in Germany and the Tasks of the C.P.G.
      [Resolution Passed – the Polit-Bureau of the C.C. of the C.P.G.]
780 The Transition to a New Stage of the General Crisis of Capitalism
     [The Ripening of the World Revolutionary Crisis]
790 Japan as a New Factor in the Imperialist Struggle for South America and the Caribbean Countries – G. Sinani
795 The Economic War Policy of British Imperialism – R. Palme Dutt
804 Ireland’s Fight for Independence – J. Shields
811 The Economic Situation in Germany Under the Fascist Dictatorship (September, 1933) – S. Schwab
819 The War and Inflation Character of the Growth of Japanese Industry – J. Volk

Number 23 December 1, 1933

827 Heavier Fire on Opportunism
835 The Moscow Bolsheviks on the Eve of and During the October Days Of 1917 – O. Piatnitsky
846 For What Did German Fascism Require the Election Comedy (November 12, 1933)?
853 On the Question of Illegal Work
860 In the Paradise of the Second International (The Situation in New Zealand and the Tasks of the C.P.N.Z.) (See page 86o)
868 The Intensification of the Revolutionary Crisis in Spain, and the Tasks of The C.P.S. – A. Brones
876 To the Memory of the Devoted Fighter for the Cause of the World Revolution

Number 24 December 15, 1933

879 The Maturing of the World Revolutionary Crisis and the Relation Between the Economic and Political Struggles of the Proletariat
889 The Moscow Bolsheviks on the Eve of and During the October Days Of 1917 – O. Piatnitsky (Continuation)
903 The Mobilisation of the Counter-Revolutionary Forces and the Growth of the Forces of Revolution in Japan – Vatanabe Kibo
912 The Intensification of the Revolutionary Crisis in Spain, and the Tasks of The C.P.S. – A. Brones (Continuation)