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Workers of the World Unite!
the Communist International
Organ of the Executive Committee of the Communist International
Published twice a month in English, Russian, German, French, Chinese and Spanish
Volume 11, 1934

The following numbers are those of the journal, The Communist Internatonal for 1929 . No Editors Listed. All Were Published – the Communist Party of Great Britain at 16 King Street, London, WC2.

Note Regarding v0lume Names:

the First Series of Communist International bore no name or v0lume number. It includes issues numbers 1 - 30. Published in London 1919 - Early 1924. it is often referred to as the “Original Series”or as the “Old Series”. the latter because the next series is officially called the “New Series”. We are calling this volume 1 in the file names of the pdf files provided here.

The Second Series of Communist International stated on it that it was the “New Series”. It includes issues numbers 1-23. This spans early 1924 through early 1926. we are noting it as “New Series” in the v0lume names (because it calls itself that in print), but also calling “Volume 2”.

After that, the Communist International began assigning volume numbers to subsequent runs of issue numbers. Starting with Volume 3 for October, November, and December of 1926. Hence our back-numbering of Volume 2 and Volume 1. It Wasn’t Until Volume 8, 1931, that a given v0lume number was assigned to a single year of publication of CI.

Here is a text file Listing the series / volume numbers and dates of issues of CI.

Note: things get a bit muddled after 1934, when ci began to be published both in London and in New York City, with different content in same numbered issues, and even different issue numbers. Our listing is primarily if not entirely of the London-published issues.

Page number for each article are given where available

Volume 11, 1934 for the Entire Year of the U.S. edition
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Page number for each article are given where available
A complete index of the authors & subjects from the last issue of the year is available here

No.1 January 1

3 The National Council of the I.L.P. Sabotages the United Front
8 The Contemporary Situation in Germany – The Tasks of the C.P.G. – F. Heckert
18 The Congress of Militant Youth Unity
24 The Sixth Kuomintang Offensive and the Victory of the Chinese Red Army – Kan-Sen
28 Examples of the Work of C.P. Of Japan in the Army
33 Review of the “Party Life” Section of the American “Daily Worker” From October 22 to November 2, 1933
37 Index of Articles Contained in the “Communist International” Journal for 1933

No. 2 January 15

43 The Congress of Victors, the Congress of the Construction of Classless Society
54 The Revolutionary Battles in Cuba – D. R. D.
60 The Workers in the Kingdom of “Organized National Labor” – F. David
67 Once More About Work in the Reformist and Fascist Unions – O. Pratnitsky 67
75 Situation in the United States of America – Earl Browder

No. 3 February 1

83 Vanguard Struggles of the Second Round of Revolutions – V. Morin
90 Fifteen Years of the Communist International
106 Under the Banner of the Communist International in Britain – Willam Rust
116 The Struggle Against Provocation – V. Bronkovsky
120 Cadres and Methods of Leadership in the Scandinavian Communist Parties – D.
125 Questions Arising in Communist Parties Going Over to Illegality – Richter

No. 4 February 20

131 The World Proletarian Party of the New Type
140 Fifteen Years of the Comintern – O. Piatnitsky
149The First Great"Battle of the French Proletariat Against Fascism – Bere

No. 5 March 5

163 The Proletarian Revolutionist, Georgi Dimitroff, and the Fight Against Fascism
168 Fifteen Years of the Comintern (Concluded) – 0. Pratnitsky
173 Letter of the Independent Labor Party of Great Britain to the Communist International
177 Letter of the Political Secretariat of the E. C. C. I. To the Independent Labor Party
181 What is the American Workers’ Party and Who Are Its Promoters?– a. Wanamaker
188 the Results of the British Congress of Action and National Hunger March – R. Mcllhone

No. 6 March 20

199The Popularization and Realization of the Decisions of the Thirteenth Plenum of the Executive Committee of the Communist International
210 From the Editorial Board – Two Documents of the February Struggle in Austria.
212The American Socialist Party on the Austrian Events – E. Green and B. Booker
219 How Not to Struggle Against Fascism – R.
224 the Struggle of the Chinese Red Army – Chan-Shi

No. 7 April 5

239 Dimitroff’s Speech in the Leipzig Court
250 The Situation in Germany – G. Smollansky
260 Weaknesses and Mistakes of the Communist Press in Cuba – Bijowsky
265 the Special Importance of Revolutionary Theory at the Present Stage – a. Martynov

No. 8 April 20

275 Ernst Thaelmann – R. Groetz
284 The Lessons of the Krakow Uprising in 1923 – B. Xaver
296 The Economic Situation in Ireland and the Tasks of the Communist Party of Ireland – R. Mcllhone

Nos. 9 & 10 May 20

307 Mayday Review of the Revolutionary Forces of the Proletariat
313 The Leader of the World Proletarian Revolution – V. Knorin
317 The Next Tasks of the International Revolutionary Trade Union Movement – a. Losovsky
327 The Labor Party, the I.L.P. And the Communist Party – Harry Pollitt
332 The Latest Fascist Move of the British National Government – D.
335 Some Experiences of the Communist Party of China in Organizing and Leading Strike Struggles – LI Ming
340 The Black Sea Revolt – Andre Marty

No. 11 June 5

347 Defend Comrade Thaelmann!
350 Letter to the Austrian Workers – George Dimitroff
357 The Turning Point in Poland – G. Lenski
366 Only the Soviets Can Save China – P. Mif
376 The Second Congress of the Communist International

No. 12 July 20

387 Do the Fascists Identify Social-Democracy and Liberalism With Bolshevism? – a. Martynov
390 The Eighth Convention of the Communist Party of the u.s.a. And Some Conclusions – B. Serman
395 The Victim Lashes His Assassins
396 The Lessons of the Nuremberg Congress for the German Working Class – John Scheer
405 The De Man Plan Is a Fraud on the Workers-Part I – E. Varga
414 How the Bolsheviks Fight the Drought – E. Y. Evdokimov

No. 13 July 5

419 British Imperialism-Organizer Of World War – R. Palme Dutt
426 Why We Were Victorious in Hungary and Why we did not Maintain Power – Bela Kun
435 The De Man Plan Is A Fraud On The Workers-Part II – E. Varga
446 The New Upsurge of the Strike Movement of the Working Class In Kuomintang China
448 Spring Indices in the U.S.S.R

No. 14 July 20

455 The Struggle for Unity of Action – Bela Kun
458 The Foreign Policy of German Imperialism – D. Gard
466 British Imperialism Preparing for War and Its Colonial Contradictions – R. Page Arnot
471 Imperialist Contradictions in the Pacific and the Armaments Drive – Ivanov
477 Some Experiences From the Activity of the C.P. of Japan in the Army

No. 15 August 5

487 The Position of the British Diehards in the Antisoviet Bloc – J. Erukhimovich
493 On the Road to a Mass Communist Party in Austria – V. Knorin
499 The Rise and Fall of Austro-Marxism – Ernst Fisher
509 The National Convention of the American Socialist Party – Sam Brown

No. 16 August 20

519 June 30 – and What Next?
528 The Results of the Plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union

—Materials of the Session of the Presidium of the E. C. C. I. Held on July 9-1 0, 1934—
535 The Beginning of the Crisis in German Fascism and The Tasks of the Communist Party of Germany – V. Knorin
542 The Situation in Germany and Some Questions of The United Front – O. Piatnitsky
—Experiences of the Illegal Work of the Communist Party of Germany—
547 The Lower Functionaries of the Communist Party of Germany

No. 17 September 5

555 The Struggle for the United Front in France
559 the San Francisco General Strike and its Lessons – B. Sherman
563 Notes on the Strike Wave in the U. S. – Sam Brown
569 We Are for the United Front – V. Chemadanov
575 Against Provocateurs-Against Splitters – Okano
579 The Situation in Germany and Some Questions of the United Front (Concluded) – O. Piatnitsky

No.18 September 20

587 The Brandlerites and Their Letter to the E.C.C.I.
591 How the Revolution in Spain Can Be Victorious
598 The Revolutionary Trade Union Movement in the U.S.A. In the Conditions of the "New Deal" of Trustified Capital – Kutnik
607 The Growth of Terror Against the Rising Strike Wave in the U.S.A. – B. Sherman
611 New Provocation – the Japanese Imperialists – Tanaka

612 A Review of the Canadian "Communist Review" – W. Barnes
615 Review of the Underground Communist Press in Kuomintang China – Lee Min

No. 19 October 5

623 The Struggle Against Company Unions – B. Sherman
625 The British Trade Union Congress at Weymouth – A. Lozovsky
631 The Background of the General Strike in the Textile Industry – Sam Brown
635 The Tasks of the Soviet Textile Industry During the Second Five-Year Plan – I. Yeremin

—From Experiences of Illegal Party Work in Germany—
643 Organized Mass Struggle Against Spies and Agents-Provocateurs – Albert Muller
647 A Book on Soviet China – L. M.
648 “Von Kaiserhof Zum Reichskanzel!” By Goebbels – L. Madyar

No. 20 October 20

655 The Seventh Congress of the Communist International Postponed to 1935
655 The U.S.S.R. And the League of Nations
660 From the First to the Third International
667 The Revolutionary Upsurge in America
672 Discussion for the Seventh Congress of the C. I. Problems of the Standard of Living of the Working Class – Sinani
682 The Question of the Middle Strata of the Town Population – P. Reimann
692 Strike Struggles in Canada and Tasks of the Communist Party – J. Barnes

No. 21 November 5

703 Three Lessons of the October Revolution for the International Proletariat – Bela Kun
709 Appeal of the Communist international On The Seventeenth Anniversary of the October Revolution
712 The work of the C.P.G.B. since the Sixth Congress of the C. I. – Harry Pollitt
722 The Historic Path of the First International – M. Zorky

—Discussion for the Seventh Congress of the C. I.—
731 The Question of Fascism – L. Madyar
740 The Proposal of the Communist Party for United Front With The Socialist Party in The U.S.A. – Sam Brown
743 The Latest Maneuvers of the French Trotzkyites – A Boreau
746 The Struggle Against Unemployment And Starvation A Review – J. Davis

No. 22 November 20

751 For Soviet Power

— Discussion For The Seventh Congress of the C.I.—
757 Problems of the international Trade Union Movement – O. Piatnitsky
775 Basic Lessons of the Struggle of the Communist Party of Italy Against Fascism Under the Conditions of the “Totalized” Regime – K. Roncoli
783 The Congress Socialist Party and the New Maneuvers of the National Congress in India – G. Safarob
792 A Speech That Hitler Failed to Deliver – L. Madyar

No. 23 December 5

803 The Struggle Against Fascism, The Struggle For Power, For The Workers' and Peasants' Republic Page in Spain

—Discussion for the Seventh Congress of the C.I.—
815 The Question of Communist Cadres – Chernomordik
821 The American Federation of Labor Annual Convention – I. Mingulin
831 The Leaders of the American Socialist Party on the October Revolution – C. Rredmill
838 The Organization of Japanese Economy For War – O. Tanin and E. Jogan
847 Sen Katayama - in Memoriam of a Great Revolutionist

No. 24 December 20

851 Sergei Mironovich Kirov

—Towards The Seventh Congress—
853 From Shaken Stabilization to the Second Round of Revolutions and Wars867 Problems of The United Front
867 In Great Britain – Harry Pollitt
874 The Development of the United Proletarian Front In Poland – G. Lenski

—Book Reviews—
883 A Bourgeois Work on the American Federation of Labor – I. Mingulin
890 A Review of the American “Party Organizer” – January-August, 1934 – E. Green
894 Index – Volume XI - 1934