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International Press Correspondence

The international press service of the Communist International

Produced in multiple languages this journals, published irregularly but striving for a 3 times a week publication in
a many languages was aimed at the daily and weekly newspapers of the various sections of the Comintern.

Published, variously, in Berlin, 1921-1923; published in Vienna, 1924-1929; published again in Berlin, 1930-32;
English edition published in London, by H.R.G. Jefferson, 1934-1938

Beginning in June 2018 the Riazanov Library digital archive project has begun to complete the fragmentary runs of International Press Correspondence which it had made available previously. We seek to make available a complete run of freely downloadable digital images of this important publication for its first thirteen years, 1921 through 1934.

Files were generated from scans of original paper holdings of the Holt Labor Library of San Francisco and Tim Davenport, as well as the microfilm editions from the Library of Congress and the Communist Party of Great Britain. Several hundred additional original issues have also been obtained directly by the Riazanov project from a radical bookseller. An additional microfilm resource is also being pursued with a view to provision of optimum images.

Our intention is to provide maximum legibility for every one of these rare issues of this important publication. Work continues apace

Dr. Martin Goodman,
Riazanov Library Digital Archive Project
15 July, 2018

Scans here have been made from:

original paper
overwhelmingly by far the best quality scans here we are mostly able to render such original paper as crisp black text on pure white background in our scans, at higher resolution than is practical for the microfilm scans, and yet in 4 or more times as compact scans, because these can be properly and clearly scanned in single bit BW, as opposed to the microfilm that requires gray scale scanning in order to capture the terrible images on the film. CPGB
CP Great Britain microfilm in 1970
execrable image quality in large part, with text loss in gutters of the volumes imaged, due to the gross incompetence of those making the film who failed to unbind the volumes in questions, and other major problems.
Library of Congress microfilm
relatively much better image quality than CP GB film series, but with problems to fading of some text, and representation of uneven brown-ness of the paper as distracting uneven grayness of the background. STAN
Stanford University
as I understand it, filmed a large amount of Inprecor, and we are working at this time on getting a look at that film, acquiring copies, and scanning as appropriate to further enhance the quality of our archive here.
YIVO Institute for Jewish Research
scanned from color xerographic photocopies made from original pages of Inprecor at YIVO Institute for Jewish Research in New York City.

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