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John Curtin


Social Democracy in Australia


Both Hyndman's S.D.F. and later DeLeon's Socialist Labor Party found their reflections in Australia, but it was the visit of Tom Mann to the colony which led to the development of a Marxist Party, the Victorian Socialist Party.

Marxists of the early years of the 20th century included Frank Hyett, John Curtin, Maurice Blackburn, Frank Anstey, Jock Garden and Guido Baracchi.

Frank Anstey


Dawn to Dusk, Ernest Lane, reminiscences of a rebel (covering the period 1889-1917)
Unionist or Non-Unionist, The Worker, Brisbane, 1890
Protection as Wanted. Manifesto of the Social Democratic Federation of Victoria, 1895

The Australian Socialist League

Letter from Australia, J.E. Anderton, 1888
Nihilism, by J.A. Andrews 1888
Communist-Anarchism v. Individualist Proprietism, by J.A. Andrews 1889
Australian Socialist League in Melbourne, by J.A. Andrews 1889
The Ethics of New Unionism, by W. \G. Spence 1892
The Social Question, by J. \A. Andrews 1894
Report of the Australian Socialist League to the International Socialist Congress, 1904

Frank Hyett

Bill Earsman

The Victorian Socialist Party

Our Social System, by David Andrade 1889
Reply to “The Age” Article on the War of the Classes, Tom Mann 1905
The New Party, The Socialist, 1906
The Industrial and Social Outlook in Australia, Tom Mann 1909
Anticonscrtiption Fellowship, R.S. Ross, 1916


Open Letter to the I.W.W., from the Comintern, 1920

Tom Mann

How “Labour” Party Bluffs the People, Dora Montefiore, Daily Herald, November 15 1912
On the Australian Labor Party, Dora Montefiore at the 5th Congress of the Comintern, June 1924

How Labour Governs, Vere Gordon Childe, 1923.


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