The Spanish Revolution (1936-1937)


The Spanish Revolution:
English Language Periodical of the Partido Obrero de Unificación Marxista


The Spanish Revolution


The Spanish Revolution was the English langauge publication of the P.O.U.M. Edited by Lois and Charles Orr. In 1936 they had setup within the ranks of the Socialist Party of America the Revolutionary Policy Committee of the Socialist Party of the U.S.

While the P.O.U.M. itself was never Trotskyist, many in the ranks of Trotskyism, and those near it politically, supported the publication.

Russell Blackwell, who was in Spain as a supporter of the P.O.U.M wrote, 30 years later for the Greenwood Reprints of The Spanish Revolution, the following:

Spanish Revolution faithfully reported events during its period of publication from the point of view of the P.O.U.M. Its first issue appeared on October 21, 1936, at a time when the revolutionary process was already beginning to decline. Its final issues dealt with the historic May Days of 1937 and the events immediately following, which led to the Stalinist takeover.

These 28 issues of The Spanish Revolution were digitized by Marty Goodman of the Riazanov Library Project.


Volume 1, Number 1, October 21, 1936

The Socialist Revolution or Fascism
The P.O.U.M. and the New Council of the Generality
The Plenary Session of the Anarchist Trade Unions
The Agrarian Question in Catalonia
The Two Spains: Madrid and Barcelona
Socialisation or Trades-Unionisation?
A Peace Treaty for War

Volume 1, Number 2, October 28, 1936

For A Red Army of the Spanish Workers
Declaration of Comrade Nin. The New Justice
The Agrarian Question in Catalonia
The Soviet Governments's New Attitude towards Spain
The Dissolution of the Antifascist Militia Commitee
Stalinist Vandalism at Madrid

Volume 1, Number 3, November 4, 1936

Organs of Power in Catalonia
Collectivization of Industry in Catalonia
The Militia and the Unified Command
The English Bourgeoisie Against the Spanish Revolution
The Agrarian Revolution in Spain
The Anarchists and the Land Question
The New Position of Anarcho-Syndicalists
News and Notes

Volume 1, Number 4, November 11, 1936

The C.N.T. and the Madrid Government
Manifesto of the Womens' Secretariat of the P.O.U.M.
Manifesto of the Socialist Youth of Mexico
The Stalinists and the Spanish Revolution
The Military Situation
The New Municipal Organization in Catalonia
Concentration Camps in the Canary Islands
The New School
Information Bureau

Volume 1, Number 5, November 18, 1936

Russian Revolution Anniversary Number
We March with the Russian Revolution
The P.O.U.M. Before the International Working Class
The International Bureau of the Revolutionary Socialist Youth Transfered to Barcelona
The Defence of Madrid
Italian Intervention
Radio P.O.U.M.
The P.O.U.M.'s Appeal to the Madrid Wokers
19th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution
Russia and Spain
The German Fleet in Spanish Waters
Information Bureau
The New School II
The Barcelona Collectivized Silk Industry
News and Notes

Volume 1, Number 6, November 25, 1936

Capitalist Democracy or Socialism: The Brussels Congress Defines the Issue
Resolutions on Spain
Proceeding of the Brussels Congress
Recognition of the Burgos Junta
The Growth of the P.O.U.M. at the Front
The Agrarian Program of the P.O.U.M.
Political Rights at 18
The New School III
News and Notes

Volume 1, Number 7, December 2, 1936

The Working Class and the Recognition of the Spanish Fascists
The Death of Durruti
Municipal Socialism in Badalona
Dangers of Trade Union Control of Industry
The First Women's Batallion
The Militias and Militarization
The Campaign of the P.S.U.C. against the P.O.U.M.
The Batllo Silk Mills

Volume 1, Number 8, December 9, 1936

The Working Class and the Manace of War
Gorkin Speaks to the Workers of the World
The Situation of the P.O.U.M. in Catalonia and Madrid
A Tour of the Madrid Fronts
Trade Union Unity in Malaga

Volume 1, Number 9, December 23, 1936

Our Right to Speak the Truth
Nin's Message to the Workers
Towards a Clear Agrarian Policy. Towards a Revolutionary International
Morocco and Our Revolution
Trade Union Discipline and Unity
The Amalgamation of Industry

Volume 2, Number 1, January 5, 1936

What is the P.O.U.M.?
A Change of Government in Catalonia
Foreign Comrades
The Necessity of Trade Union Unity
Field Hospital
For an Assembly of Workers, Peasants and Soldiers
Armistrice is Treachery
The Spirit of the People

Volume 2, Number 2, February 3, 1937

Fighting Men from Britain
What Are They?
Resolutions of the Central Committee of the P.O.U.M.
Conference of Town Councillers
For Socialization of the Land
Revolutionary Morals
Revolutionary Justice

Volume 2, Number 3, February 17, 1937

The International Working Class Rellies Around the P.O.U.M.
The Workers' Patrols Must Stay
The Armed Forces and the State
Old Peoples' Home
For a Revolutionary Army of the Workers
The Campaign Against Our Party
Why No Offensive on the Aragon Front?

Volume 2, Number 4, March 3, 1937

A Government of Workers and Peasants
The 58 Decrees
The Republicans Lift Their Heads
The Revolutionary Youth Front
The Youth of the P.O.U.M.
At the Front

Volume 2, Number 5, March 17, 1937

The Blockade of Revolutionary Spain
A Revolutionarry Army
We Must Act
The Public Order Decrees
The Red Aid of the P.O.U.M.
The P.O.U.M. Library

Volume 2, Number 6, March 31, 1937

The Problem of Power
The Workers Defend "La Batalla"
The Role of the Anarchists; Reformism; Revolution
The P.O.U.M. and the Middle Class
Trade Union Unity
La Editorial Marxista
News and Notes

Volume 2, Number 7, April 21, 1937

The Crisis of the Government of Catalonia
Revolution vs. Counter-Revolution
The Thirteen Points
Treachery at Malaga
Catalonia Losses Her Army
The Democratic Countries Against the Spanish Revolution
The Agrarian Question in Spain

Volume 2, Number 8, May 19, 1937

The Barricades of May 3-7
The Barcelona Conference
The Second P.O.U.M. Conference
Dissention in the Socialist Youth
Fools or Knaves
News and Notes