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Introduction to the New Masses digital archive on Marxists Internet Archive

Other than some minor final tune-ups and touch-ups, the Riazaonv Library scanning of New Massess is now complete. We are delighted to present for all to view and download in full resolution high quality, high resolution, "art-preserving" scans of New Masses, 1926 through 1945 (and the final two issues printed in January of 1948).

The scans here I made from my personal collection, from the personal collection of Tim Davenport, from the personal collection of Ted Watts, and from the holdings of Holt Labor Library of San Francisco.

Early on in this project, Stanford’s Hoover Library gave us very kind assistance in supplying color scans of color covers of two issues (July 1926 and May 1927) and with a color 2 page center graphic art work in May 1927 where we did not have access to the original paper. May 1927 is an exceptionally rare issue: neither Tamiment Library nor Hatcher Labadie library had a copy of it! Two weeks after I received those scans, a copy of May 1927 became available from Lorne Bair rare books, enabling me to make scans of it entirely from the original paper. Two or three years after Stanford provided the color July 1926 scans, I obtained an issue of July 1926 New Masses with its color cover, and re-did the scan of that. But I remain very grateful for the extremely kind and generous assistance provided by Stanford University's Hoover Library in this (and in some other) project(s).

I began this archive project in late 2014. By early 2016 it included digital images of all 85 issues of the monthly New Masses published 1926 through 1933. By mid 2017 it included the 52 more issues of the weekly New Masses of 1934. As of January 2018 it included all issues, all pages of the first 11 years of New Masses, 1926 through 1936.

Looking at the substantial amount of cover art in 1938, and considering the importance of the political changes in the CP USA in late 1939, I then decided to extend the project through 1939. I was then influenced to cover 1940 through 1945, to cover the period of Operation Barbaraossa (Hitler invading the USSR), the battle of Stalingrad, and the end of WWII. That's where I've decided to end this project.

Martin H. Goodman MD
San Pablo, CA January 2019
Director, Riazanov Library digital archive projects

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Index to New Masses
Ted Watts compiled a set of indexes for New Masses for the following years:
1926-1933 | 1934-1935 | 1936


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15 April 2019