MIA: History: USA Publications: Red Cartoons from the Daily Worker: 1929

From The Daily Worker for 1929

NOTE that in the original book, there were no tables of contents or page numbers.

Thanks to Dr. Marty Goodman of the The Riazanov Project

ALL of these cartoons are from The Daily Worker The National Labor Daily  published in New York City. Pages 1 thru 55 are by Fred Ellis, pages 56 thru 64 are by Jacob Burck. They were produced by scanning the physical original at Tamiment Library. They are high (600 dpi) resolution black and white single bit scans. Some scans suffer from mild trapezoidal distortion because of inability to use a glass plate or other adequate means of flattening the pages, altho in most of the scans this problem is not particularly visible. Edited by Walt Carmon, Editor Red Cartoons 1926, Red Cartoons of 1927, and Cartoons on the Case of Sacco and Vanzetti by Ellis published in the Daily Worker in July and August of 1927.

List of cartoons

0 Red ink on Black

1 Title Page

2 The Sower

3 Introductory Text page [click here for text version]

4 Paymaster

5 Sacco and Vanzetti

6 A Year After Canton!

7 Lenin - Leader

8 And They Called Us Nigger

9 The Valley Camp Murders

10 Confronting the Soviet Union

11 The Slaves of Happy Valley

12 Class Struggle on the Sea

13 Blue Ribbon Jury

14 Save Bella Kun!

15 I Need You Now

16 Rationalized

17 Over 100 White Dead - Negros Not Counted!

18 Class Against Class

19 At the Bosses Table

20 Rising

21 Julio Mella

22 The Lincoln Tradition

23 Against Imperialist War

24 Organize Hell - Get the Reds

25 For A Mass Communist Party

26 Three Headed Parties of Capitalism

27 Arms Across the Rio Grande

28 "Independence Day" in Wall St.

29 Mrs Knapp Goes to Jail

30 The Fusion Ticket

31 The Governor of Virginia [in KKK robes]

32 The New Executioner [H Hoover]

33 Fighting the Left Wing

34 And Abe Cahen Promised Me

35 ...'Ray for Prohibition

36 The Full Dinner Pail

37 Campaign Against Bolshevism

38 Now I'll Talk to You

39 The Imperialist Answer

40 Smash the Warmongers

41 In Every Knapsack

42 "Those of Us Devoting Our Lives to Peace"

43 Do Your Stuff Herbie

44 The Rush Order

45 They Are All Reliable Men

46 Gotten to Fly the Coop

47 On the House

48 Morgan, Back Seat Driver

49 The Old Shell Game

50 Sigman, The Auctioneer

51 By This Sign We Conquer

52 The Candidate of the New Tammany

53 Please Boss, Give Us Cash to Beat the Bolsheviks

54 Another Last Hope [Victor Berger]

55 The Overseeer

56 They Will Get His Answer

57 We're Too Busy for That-Billings Mooney

58 Al La Carte

59 When?

60 Cutting the Smoke Screen

61 "Rambova" in the Bedford Cells

62 The Diploma

63 Not Wasted

64 The Plowman