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The 1905 Proceedings of the Founding Convention of the

Industrial Workers of the World

Tuesday June 27 through Saturday July 8th, 1905

The Marxists Internet Archive History Section is proud to place the Proceedings of the Founding Convention of the Industrial Workers of the World on the World Wide Web. Included in these Proceedings are the contributions of the most famous labor radicals of the day, including Mother Jones, Big Bill Haywood, Eugene V. Debs, Daniel De Leon, Lucy Parsons and hundreds of rank-and-file leaders of the “Wobblies.”

This is a massive work; over 600 pages were transcribed by the MIA from the original typeface of the stenographic report, reproduced by the New York Labor News Company, a division of the Socialist Labor Party and the Socialist Trade & Labor Alliance, founding organizations of the IWW.

Table of Contents

Lucy Parsons Daniel De Leon

Publishers Note/Transcribers Note

First Day, Morning Session

First Day, Afternoon Session

Second Day, Morning Session

Second Day, Afternoon Session

Third Day, Morning Session

Third Day, Afternoon Session

Big Bill HaywoodMother Jones

Fourth Day’s Session

Fifth Day’s Session

Sixth Day, Morning Session

Sixth Day, Afternoon Session

Seventh Day, Morning Session

Seventh Day, Afternoon Session

Eighth Day, Morning Session

E.V. Debs Joe Hill

Eighth Day, Afternoon Session

Ninth Day, Morning Session

Ninth Day, Afternoon Session

Tenth Day, Morning Session

Tenth Day, Afternoon Session

Eleventh Day, Morning Session

Appendix, Part I: Speeches at Ratification Meeting

Appendix, Part II: Roll Call of Votes


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