April 1918

    2 | Chicherin to Lockhart (British Agent) on Enland's intentions at Archangel

    5 | Statement by the Soviet Government on Japanese landings at Vladivostock

    6 | Chicherin to Allied representatives asking for a withdrawal of the offending armies

    8 | Nakomindel statement on Allies and the Japanese intervention

    18 | Chicherin to Rumanian Prime Minister against the incorporation of Bessarabia

    20 | Trotsky to local military authorities on fair treatment of P.O.W.'s

    22 | Chicherin to German Foriegn Minister on German invasion of the Crimea

    22 | Council of People's Commisars nationalizing all foregin trade

    23 | Narkomindel on the Soviet reply on the German accuasation of spreading propaganda amongst P.O.W.'s.

    24 | Chicherin Interview of French Foriegn Ambassador on Russo-French Relations

    25 | Nakomindel to Japanese Representative in Moscow on Japanese intervention

    26 | To German Ministry of Foreign Affairs on failure to abide by the treaty of Brest-Litovsk

    27 | Chicherin demanding the withdrawal of French Ambassador

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