A Bolshevik daily, founded in 1912. Pravda experienced two lives, more or less marked before and after the revolution. Before the revolution, Pravda was a mass working-class newspaper published with a wide circle of worker correspondents/writers around the paper. It was subjected to constant police persecutions and it was closed down on July 8 (21), 1914, as a result of its constant agitation against the coming First World War. The paper was unable to resume publication until after the February revolution. Between July and October 1917 Pravda was persecuted by the Provisional Government. After the revolution, the role of Pravda shifted. Without a serious opposition press, Pravda served not only as a Marxist analysis of events, but became the definitive source of all news. It further extended its role by becoming a news service for the entire nation, covering all aspects of daily life to the most serious foreign events. (See more in Glossary of Periodicals)

April 26, 1918: A New Centre of Infection by Bela Kun
April 28, 1918: The Moment at Penza by Bela Kun
May 01, 1918: Two May Days by Bela Kun
May 04, 1918: Marx and the Middle Classes by Bela Kun
May 11, 1918: The Desocialisation of Minds by Bela Kun
May 15, 1918: A School of Social Revolution by Bela Kun
May 19, 1918: The Development of Revolutionary Forces in Austria by Bela Kun
May 24, 1918: The Model Product of Imperialism by Bela Kun
June 01, 1918: The Fruits of “Revolutionary” Chauvinism by Bela Kun
June 08, 1918: The Revolutionary Tide in Austria by Bela Kun
June 22, 1918: Social-Traitors, Unite! by Bela Kun
June 27, 1918: The Birth-Pangs of the Revolution by Bela Kun
July 04, 1918: The Revolution in Hungary by Bela Kun
July 20, 1918: The Foster Child of Monarchy by Bela Kun
July 24, 1918: Materials for the History of the Birth of the Hungarian Revolution by Bela Kun

Mar 28, 1920: A Moscow Factory, by P. Medvedeff
Jun 20, 1920: Poltava Villages, by Degtyareff
Oct 24, 1920: Bertrand Russell's Sentimental Journey, by Karl Radek

Feb 23, 1921: Our Rural Reporter, by P. Siropotinin
Apr 19, 1921: Open Voting, by L. Sosnovsky
Jul 17, 1921: Examining Communists, by L. Sosnovsky
Sep 03, 1921: Close to the Land - Sketches of Russian Villiage Life, by J. Okunev
Nov 25, 1921: The Rich Radical and The Reactionary Pauper, by S. Podyachev

Mar 03, 1924: Why Moscow Courts Regonition, by F. Rostein
Apr 09, 1924: A Bolshevist Index Expurgatorius, by Nadezhda Krupskaia

May 1925: How One Should Not Write the History of October, Unsigned