MIA: Қазақ

Welcome to the Kazak (Kazakh) section of  The Marxists Internet Archive.

With the The Marxists Internet Archive we want to give an easy access to the works of especially the "classic" Marxists. Already a substantial part of these are available in English and other languages.   This Kazakh section is just at its very start - and will probably be for some time. It takes time to locate translations and transfer texts into an electronic medium.

If you want to contribute – much or just a little – to building the archive please contact the MIA. This also applies if you find errors of any sort or if you have suggestions etc.


Қазіргі уақытта мына жазушылардың шығармалары қазақ тілінде:


Карл Маркс
(Karl Marks)

Фридрих Энгельс
(Frīdrīx Éngels)

И. В. Сталин
(Ī. V. Stalīn)