2ª Carta aos Partidos Marxistas-Leninistas

Francisco Martins Rodrigues

6 de Julho de 1985

Fonte: Francisco Martins Rodrigues Escritos de uma vida

Transcrição: Ana Barradas

HTML: Fernando Araújo.

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To the
Central Committee of
Lisbon, 6th July 1985
Dear Comrades.

After our message of List April announcing the constitution of the communist organization "Política Operária" (“Workers Policy”) and proposing regular contacts between our two organizations, we are now bringing to your knowledge a new episode of the PC(R)’s ideological degeneracy attesting how righteous our rupture with it was.

As you can confirm by the enclosed Portuguese press-cuttings, Frederico Carvalho (herewith referred to as FC) — one of the main PC(R) leaders and member of its Central Committee since its foundation — has just adhered to the revisionist PCP of Álvaro Cunhal.

FC was precisely one of the main promoters of the campaign for our exclusion from the PC(R) ranks, by slanderously accusating us of “anarchism-trotskysm'' because of our denounces concerning his reformist tendencies, which were becoming more and more obvious. His adherence to the revisionist and class collaboration field, as well as his defense of the Soviet Union as the “bastion of socialism”, show that we had correctly noticed his ideological degeneracy. This fact is therefore a tremendous accusation to the PC(R) Central Committee, which always pled for his cause against our critiques along the two last years and even raised him to chief editor of the party central organ "Bandeira Vermelha".

From the international marxist-leninist standpoint, FC’ desertion also has important implications in the international marxist-leninist movement, since he was the main defensor in Portugal of the political concepts of the Communist Party of Brazil, whose opportunist influence over the PC(R) is widely known by the Portuguese communists.

Thus, the urgency of a world-wide marxist-leninist debate of principles is becoming more and more evident in order to put an end to the existing ideological confusion which only those who, like FC, are willing to annihilate the marxist-leninist current and serve revisionism and social-imperialism, take advantage from.

The revisionist degeneracy of the Communist Party of Italy (m-l), which has deserved no serious critical or autocritical examination alter all these years, should be an alert to be taken in account. Such cases are likely to happen again if similar displays of opportunism penetrating the movement go on being consented, on pretext of tactical requirements.

We therefore repeat our invitation to future contacts between our two organizations, so that we may find out together a way out to the present crisis of the marxist-leninist current and enable the progress of the revolutionary cause. The international unity of the real marxist-leninists, the reconstruction of the Comintern demand the urgent debate which has been progressively postponed under false arguments. The communist organization "Política Operária" is open to the exchange of information and documents with every marxist-leninist party and organization.

Wishing you entire success in your work.
With communist salutations.
Francisco Martins Rodrigues
(member of the OC-PO leading committee)

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