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“I shall not evade the most burning issue: it seems to me that either the whole logic of ‘supersession’ must be rejected, or we must give up any attempt to explain how the proud and generous Russian people bore Stalin’s crimes and repression with such resignation; how the Bolshevik Party could tolerate them; not to speak of the final question – how a Communist leader could have ordered them.” For Marx


from Early Writings (1953):

On Marxism

from For Marx (1965):

Feuerbach’s ‘Philosophical Manifestoes’, December 1960
On the Young Marx, March 1961
Contradiction and Overdetermination, June 1962
Appendix to Contradiction and Overdetermination: Marx vs. Engels
Notes on a Materialist Theatre, December 1962
The ‘1844 Manuscripts’ of Karl Marx, February 1963
On the Materialist Dialectic, August 1963
Marxism and Humanism, October 1963
Introduction to “For Marx”, March 1965
Preface to “For Marx”, October 1967

from “Lenin and Philosophy” and Other Essays (1970):

Lenin and Philosophy, February 1968
Appendix to “Lenin and Philosophy”, 1968
Philosophy as a Revolutionary Weapon, Interview 1968
Preface to Capital Volume One, March 1969
Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses, January-April 1969 / April 1970
Lenin before Hegel, April 1969

Reading “Capital”, 1968

Later articles:

On the Twenty-Second Congress of the French Communist Party, 1977
Letter to Merab Mamardachvili, 1978