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Biographies and Tributes to Stalin

1939: Stalin A Critical Survey of Bolshevism, Boris Souvarine [Translated by C.L.R. James – in large PDF format, 47mb]
1939: Joseph Stalin’s Sixtieth Birthday, Earl Browder
1939: Lenin and Stalin as Mass Leaders, William Z. Foster
1939: Stalin, Friend of the Chinese People, Mao Zedong

1940: Stalin, Leader of Peoples, Man of the Masses, Dolores Ibárruri
1940: The Great Theoretician of Communism, Dmitry Manuilsky

1941: Stalin, Anna Louise Strong

1945: Stalin: 1879-1944, J. T. Murphy

1947: Stalin, Marx-Engels-Lenin Institute

1949: Stalin and the Soviet Armed Forces, Nikolai Bulganin
1949: Comrade Stalin—Leader of Progressive Mankind, G. M. Malenkov

1940s: Stalin — The Lenin of To-day, L.L. Sharkey

1950: Stalin: Slander and Truth, C. Allen

1953: On Stalin, W. E. B. Du Bois
1953: Stalin and the Future, R. Palme Dutt
1953: Tribute to Stalin, William Gallacher
1953: Stalin’s Legacy, James Klugmann
1953: Tribute to Stalin, Jawaharlal Nehru
1953: To You Beloved Comrade, Paul Robeson

1956: Stalin’s Place in History, Mao Zedong

1961: On the Steps taken by the CPSU against Stalin, Shibdas Ghosh

1970: Stalin, Maurice Thorez

1979: With Stalin: Memoirs from my Meetings with Stalin, Enver Hoxha

1999: Stalin: The Myth and the Reality, Bill Bland

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