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“In overthrowing me, only the trunk of the tree of negro liberty has been cut down; its branches will shoot up again, for its roots are numerous and deep.”





To Biassou, commander of the rebellious slaves, 1791
A Warning to Rebels, 1795
“I granted their lives...”, 1796


from Extrait du rapport addressé au Directoire executif par
le citoyen Toussaint Louverture,
general en chef des Forces de la République française
á Saint-Domingue

“Leave, and don’t try to cause any upset”, 1797
“You want to slaughter all the whites?”, 1797

from Vie de Toussaint Louverture

Proclamation on Saint-Domingue, 1799
The Expulsion of Commissioner Roume, 1800
“Dictatorial proclamation”, 1801
Letter to Bonaparte on the Constitution, 1801
Toussaint’s Final Proclamation, 1801

Tousssaint in Brest, 1802
Toussaint at Fort de Joux, 1802

Letter to Decrès, 1802
Letter to Bonaparte, 20 July 1802
Letter to Bonaparte, 16 September 1802
To the Commandant of Fort de Joux, 1802