Works by Author - U.S.A.

Berman, Fetishism
Brenkert, Marx's Ethics
Bridgman, Logic of Modern Physics
Chomsky, Language & Mind
Cornell, Transformations
Dewey, Question of Certainty
Ebert, Red Feminism
Friedan, On Freud
Friedman, On Methodology
Fukuyama, End of History
Lovelock, Gaia
James, William, What Pragmatism Means
Jameson, Postmodernism
Klein, Patriarchy
Kuhn, Scientific Revolutions
Nicholson, Gender & History
Parsons, Functionalism
Peirce, Clear Ideas
Quine, Verification
Reed, Matriarchy
Rorty, Pragmatism
Skinner, Cognitive Thought
Tony Smith, Logic of Capital