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Mehdi Ben Barka

Mehdi Ben Barka

1920 - 1965



The demands of the liberation movements in Africa, Report presented in the name of the UNFP delegation to the II Conference of African Peoples, Tunis, January 25-29, 1960
We must eliminate the vestiges of the colonial system, Report to the Executive Committee of the Movement of Solidarity with the Afro-Asian Peoples, Beirut, November 9-13, 1960
Revolutionary option in Morocco, Report to the General Secretariat of the National Union of Popular Forces (UNFP), May 1962
Present problems of national revolution in Africa and Asia, Report of the UNFP delegation to the III Conference of Solidarity of the Afro-Asian Peoples in Moshi. Tanganyika, February 4-11, 1963
Africa after independence (1963)
The Organization of African Unity in regard to the Congo, Article written in Arabic, in Algeria, February 20, 1965, and published in the magazine Talia in Cairo (No. 2)
Appeal made on occasion of the Algerian-Moroccan conflict, On October 16, 1963, by El Mehdi Ben Barka in the name of the UNFP


Morocco Chronology (1880-1965)
The charter of the National Union of Popular Forces (UNFP) (1959)
Second Congress of the UNFP: Resolution on principles and purpose (1962)
The Second UNFP Congress: Political Resolution (1962)
Manifesto to the Moroccan people on occasion of the May 17, 1963 election of members to the House of Representatives
UNFP: Dramatic balance of the economic and social situation in 1965

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