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Revolutionary Committee of Mozambique (COREMO)



Conclusions of the committee set up yesterday 24th March to consider some common basis for unity March 25, 1965
Mozambique Unity Charter: "Our Country Now or Death" [Conclusions of the Committee of Nine Set Up to Detail the Conditions of Unity Agreed Upon by Mozambican National Liberation Movements] March 1965
Resolutions of the Extraordinary Session of the Preparatory Committee of COREMO June 1965
Declaration of Creation of COREMO June 1965
Press Conference on the Creation of COREMO African Association Review, September-October 1965
COREMO Constitution and Programme 1965
A Profile of Dr. Eduardo Mondlane
COREMO Memorandum to the 8th Session of the Eleven Member African Liberation Committee 1966
COREMO Memorandum to the Fourth Session of the Summit Conference of African Heads of State 1966
COREMO Memorandum to the Sixth Session of the Council of Foreign Ministers 1966
COREMO Memorandum to the Conference of the African Liberation Committee 1967
COREMO Memorandum to the Summit Conference of African Heads of State 1967
Joint Statement on the AAPSO Khartoum Conference [issued together with the Pan-Africanist Congress of South Africa, ZANU and UNITA] 1967
Press Release and Communique Issued by Mr. Paulo J. Gumane After his Return from Mozambique and After the Emergency Meeting of the Party Central Committee 1968
COREMO Speech to the First International Conference for the Liquidation of Foreign Military Bases 1968


O Cambatente (1967-1969)
The Valliant Hero (1966-1969)
COREMO Newsletter Number 1, January 1972
COREMO Newsletter Number 2, April 1972
COREMO Newsletter Number 3, September 1972
COREMO Newsletter Number 4, October 1972