Patrice Lumumba

Radio Broadcast Message

September 5, 1960

Source: Patrice Lumumba: Fighter for Africa’s Freedom, Moscow, Progress Publishers, 1961, pp 37-38.
Written: by Patrice Lumumba;
Transcribed: by Thomas Schmidt.

The National Radio has just broadcast a declaration by the Head of State, Mr. Joseph Kasavubu, according to which the Government headed by me must be dismissed.

On behalf of the Government and the entire nation I formally reject this information.

The Government has had no talks on this subject with the Head of State. The Government, which has been democratically elected by the nation and has won the unanimous confidence of Parliament, can only be dismissed when it loses the trust of the people.

Today the Government enjoys this trust and has the backing of the entire people.

Having adopted the decision to defend the people at the price of blood, refused to sell the country to the Belgian colonialists and their allies, and frustrated the intrigues of those who still aim to exploit our nation, the Government will defend the rights of the people with honour and dignity.

The Government remains in power and shall continue fulfilling its mission.

I ask the population, which has vested us with trust, to be calm in the face of the manoeuvres of the saboteurs of our national independence.

We elected the Head of State ourselves even though he did not have the trust of the people. We can use the same right and withdraw this confidence if he goes against the interests of the people.

Congolese people, be vigilant. The enemies of our country and the accomplices of the Belgian imperialists are unmasking themselves.

Congolese officers and non-commissioned officers, remain at your posts in order to defend the country as heroically as when you fought against the Belgian aggressors.