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The Democratic Vanguard was a revolutionary Marxist organization formed in 1943 in West Bengal when a group led by Jiban Lal Chattopadhyay broke away from the Radical Democratic Party of the Indian dissident Marxist Manabendra Nath Roy. Adherents of the Democratic Vanguard came together out of dissatisfaction with what they perceived as the non-Marxist development of Roy and his Radical Democratic Party. On June 12, 1960 the Democratic Vanguard became the Workers' Party of India.



1943: India to Build Her Own Freedom. Manifesto of the Democratic Vanguard

1944: Revolution Marches On. The Proceedings of the Second Session of the Conference of Democratic Vanguards

1945: Through the Crisis of Victory. Manifesto of the Mazdoor-O-Gana-Panchayet Sammelan

1946: Constitution Making — The Muddle and Way Out, By Sudhir Mookhoti

1947: Transfer of Power — Why?, By Sudhir Mukhuty

1952: New China and Her Leaders Congratulated But India Asserts a Path of Her Own. A letter Addressed to Com. Mao Tse Tung by the Democratic Vanguard

1954: Socialism — the Goal of the Epoch. Draft Manifesto of the Democratic Vanguard

1965: India‘s Path — Socialist Revolution, Manifesto of the Workers‘ Party of India